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HOYA ND 1000X PROND 52mm

€40.15 without VAT

HOYA ND 1000X PROND 52mm

Take perfect photos with the HOYA ND 1000X PROND 52mm ND filter. The most notable feature of the ND (neutral-density) filter is that it reduces the light intensity coming through the lens, allowing you to use a longer shutter speed. It also smooths out moving objects, such as flowing water. Another great feature of all ND filters is that you can use a wider aperture with the same ISO sensitivity and shutter speed for a stunning depth of field effect. The HOYA ND 1000X PROND 52mm ND Filter has a 52 mm filter diameter, making it compatible with a wide range of different lenses. The ND factor of 1000 indicates a transmittance of 0.1%, so you can set up an exposure a thousand times longer.

HOYA ND 1000X PROND 52mm ND Filter Key Features

  • Allows longer exposure times
  • Ideal for artistic motion blur
  • Compatible with lenses that can fit a 52 mm filter diameter
  • Light transmittance 0,1 %, ND factor 1000
  • Excellent build quality, as expected from HOYA


Filter type

Filter type Neutral filter


Filter diameter 52 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic

Optical density

Optical density 3
ND factor ND 1,000
Permeability 0.1 %
Code:  HO031a11
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ND100052PRO
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