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Having a polarisation filter can be invaluable if you like to practice outdoor photography on sunny days. The filter removes reflections and ghosting, increases the saturation and makes the colours more vivid, so the clear sky has the right shades of blue. The filter also removes the haze. The HD filter has a 25% higher light transmission than standard polarising filters and aside from the polarisation itself, it has virtually no effect on the colour balance, contrast, or purity of the resulting image.

Key features

  • Impressive photos in the sun
  • 25% higher light transmission
  • Extremely durable surface
  • Ultra-resistant UV layer with a long service life 

Lasts a long time

The filter protects the lens from mechanical damage and repels water and grease. Of course, this means that the filter coating gets damaged instead of the lens, and even the regular cleaning and maintenance result in degradation of the filter’s original properties. For this reason, this polarising filter is equipped with a special, very hard coating that can last up to 200% longer than conventional filter coatings. All this is in a very thin frame. The filter also has a front thread for connecting other filters or lens caps.


Filter type

Filter type Polarising filter, Circular filter, Protective filter


Filter diameter 55 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Surface finish HD, MRC / Nano
Code:  HO027a2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  POLC55HDN
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