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HOYA 52mm for 1D DMC circular

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HOYA 52mm for 1D DMC circular

This 52mm polarizing filter from Japan's top manufacturer HOYA is an indispensable helper when shooting scenes where the image may be compromised by unwanted glares. Whether you're shooting water or polished surfaces, the polarizing filter deals with any and all image flaws. Due to its high-quality design, it greatly enhances color saturation and contrast, which will be appreciated not only by professional photographers but also by beginners, especially when taking pictures of the sky with a contrast between the white clouds and the background.

Key features of the HOYA 52mm for 1D DMC polarizing filter

  • Multilayer anti-glare design for light control
  • HOYA aluminum filter ring in black prevents unwanted reflections
  • Exceptionally thin ring will prevent undesired vignette effect
  • Notched surface of the ring makes for easier handling
  • Protective case protects against UV rays and extends the lifespan of the filter

Less glare, more great photos

The individual components of the HOYA 52mm polarizing filter for 1D DMC are factory-fitted to minimize the risk of accidental glares. The black aluminum ring coupled with specially adjusted black edges of the filter prevent unwanted light glares and reflections. With Digital Multi-Coated technology, the HOYA polarization filter can prevent lens overexposure and image duplication, otherwise caused by surface reflections. The low-profile ring prevents vignetting in wide lenses, and is also provided with a thread for attaching the cap.

For convenient handling and protection

The filter has notched edges that make it easy to manipulate and adjust correctly. This surface prevents accidental dropping when attaching or removing the filter from the lens. A protective case is also included to protect the filter from UV rays, thereby greatly increasing the lifespan and durability of the filter.

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Filter type

Filter type Polarising filter, Circular filter


Filter diameter 52 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Surface finish DMC
Code:  HO002c2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  POLC52PROD