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How to choose a school bag

Choose a school bag for your child by focusing on its health and safety features, in addition to the design. Here's some tips to help you with your selection.

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What to Consider When Choosing a School Bag
  • Age and height of the child
  • Processing quality
  • Safety features
  • Interior layout
  • Design

Are you choosing a new school bag?

School briefcase

Rigid School Backpacks

Rigid school backpacks have a reinforced top flap and a firm shape.

For years 1 to 3

  • Sturdy shape of the structure and reinforced bottom
  • Clearly arranged interior (at least 2 large pockets)
  • Designed for children up to 150cm tall
  • Ideal for children in years 1 to 3
Steam irons

Standard School Backpack

This type of backpack is suitable for older students who do not need the more rigid children's design. However, they adhere to the same health and safety standards as rigid backpacks.

For years 4 to 9

  • Designs resemble urban backpacks
  • They usually have only 1 larger compartment
  • Ideal from year 4
School sets

School Bag Sets

School bag sets allow you to get all the basic school supplies for one price.

Basic equipment in one design

  • Uniform design
  • Basic supplies for one price
  • Ideal for children from year 1

Important Parameters

Anatomically shaped back

Anatomically Shaped Back

Especially in the early years, children have to carry a lot of textbooks and exercise books on their backs. Therefore, the backpack should be anatomically shaped with a sufficiently padded back. The backpack should also be light. Make sure that that it sits well on your child's back to ensure correct support for the spine.

The shape of the backpack also affects the posture of your child. The backpack should have a taller height than width. This allows it to be better balanced, and also distributes the overall weight of the bag and its content more uniformly.

Width of straps

Width and Length of the Straps

The width and length of the straps affect how the backpack should be worn. If the straps are padded in the shoulder area, they should have a minimum width of 3cm; otherwise, they should be at least 4cm wide. If the straps are wide enough, that will prevent the straps from digging into your child's shoulders.

As far as the length of the back straps is concerned, it should be at least 70cm. It is also important that the length of the straps be adjustable to your child's individual needs to ensure that the bag sits correctly on the back.

Weight of the bag

Weight of the Bag

Pay attention to the weight of the bag itself. It must be light enough for your child to carry easily. According to the standard, the weight of the bag must not exceed 1200g for students in the early years and 1400g for those from year 4.

Reflective elements

Reflective Elements

From a safety point of view, it is important for the school bag to be equipped with reflective elements such as bright colours or reflectors. In situations of reduced visibility, it makes the children more visible for greater safety.