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How to Install Mobile Phone Screen Protectors


The screen protection is very important, especially nowadays, when mobile phones have edge to edge displays. Once we have chosen the necessary screen protection for our mobile phone, we face another challenge - how to actually apply the tempered glass or film protector correctly. In this article, we will show you how to do it, give you helpful tips and also tell you how to take off the glass or film protector comfortably.

how to stick a glass on mobile phone

How to Install a Mobile Phone Glass or Film Screen Protector - CONTENT

  1. Selection of a glass or film screen protector
  2. How to install a mobile phone glass screen protector
  3. How to install a mobile phone film screen protector
  4. How to remove a glass or film screen protector
  5. Easier process of installing screen protection with liquid adhesive and special UV light
  6. How to install a screen protector using guide stickers

Cracked Glass of a Mobile Phone: Unpleasant Situation that Can Be Prevented

The display of a mobile phone is, without a single doubt, one of the most important parts of a phone. But at the same time, it is one of the most fragile ones. Just a moment of inattention, your phone falls to the ground, and an annoying crack appears. Sometimes the crack doesn't affect the functionality, other times, though, the phone stops working. Replacing the display is not cheap. However, protecting your phone with adhesive foil or glass is significantly cheaper. There are many reasons that speak in favour of obtaining phone screen protection in the form of foil or glass:

  • Repairing or replacing the display is more expensive than protecting it with glass
  • During the repair, the user doesn't have a mobile phone and it is necessary to get a new phone temporarily
  • It is necessary to transfer data from one phone to another, which may not be easy with a broken display
  • A phone that is well cared for by the owner can be sold at a higher price

Foil or, even better, tempered glass is a simple and inexpensive way to protect your phone from damage. Moreover, you don't have to worry about not being able to stick the foil or glass on. The procedure is simple and can be found below for both protection options.

Cracked display of a phone
When the glass breaks, it is always better if it is a protective cover glass that is broken as it is easier to replace than the glass directly on the phone.

Selection of Glass or Film Screen Protector

You will find a wide selection of glass and film screen protectors on Alza. But always look for those that are compatible with your phone model, not just the brand. Only then you can be sure that it will perfectly fit the screen of the device. They also have precise cutouts for buttons, speakers, front camera, etc.

The package always contains a glass or film screen protector, including useful accessories for easier installation. These accessories often include a damp cloth, a dry cloth and a spatula. Sometimes the package also includes a sticker to remove dust from the display.

How to Install a Mobile Phone Glass Screen Protection

How to install a glass screen protector on your iPhone, Samsung and other phones? First, you need to clean the phone screen properly. It is always a good idea to minimize the possibility of dust getting on the surface of the display after you have thoroughly cleaned the display. Therefore, apply the protector itself in a place where there is not a lot of dust. You probably don't have access to a hermetically sealed chamber, but you should be fine in a room without an open window.

  1. Place the phone on a flat surface.
  2. Carefully clean and degrease the display with a damp cloth from the package.
  3. Dry the surface of the display with a dry cloth.
  4. Carefully peel off the protection glass cover, do not touch the adhesive side.
  5. Bring the glass close to the screen and align it with the display, before laying it down on the screen.
  6. Once the glass is settled down, just press it in the middle and the glass should stick to the screen evenly.
  7. Squeeze out any air bubbles using your fingers or a spatula.
How to stick a protective glass on a mobile phone - hardness
How to apply glass protection on a cell phone – the vast majority of glasses have a hardness of 9H, which is the penultimate level of hardness on the Mohs hardness scale. Source:

How to Instal a Mobile Phone Film Screen Protector

Just like with installing a glass protector, when installing a film protector, try to avoid places with a lot of dust or air circulation. For easier manipulation with the film, there is a trick that makes it easy to position the foil correctly on the screen. So what is this trick about?

  1. Place the phone on a flat surface.
  2. Carefully clean and degrease the display with a damp cloth from the package.
  3. Dry the surface of the display with a dry cloth.
  4. Peel off half of the film protector.
  5. Place the adhesive side of the film over the screen and position it correctly.
  6. Once you've attached half of the film to the phone, stick the rest of the film protector by simply pulling its cover film down.
  7. Squeeze out any air bubbles with a spatula or fingers.
How to stick the foil on the mobile phone
How to install a mobile phone screen protector – installation of a film protector using adhesive liquid. Source: YouTube Mobile Fun.

How to Remove a Mobile Phone Screen Protector

Peeling a glass or film screen protector off is a much easier process. Before peeling off a protector, you can use a hair dryer to get the glue warm and soft. Carefuly heat the glass up with a hair dryer, but from a sufficient distance to avoid damaging the device. Even without a hair dryer, you will probably be able to peel it off without any problems. It is important that the glass does not break during removal, as it could cause a damage to the screen or cause an injury.

  1. Use your finger or a toothpick to lift one of the corners of the protector.
  2. You can insert any card under the glass to help remove it completely.
  3. Film protectors are easier to peel off.
  4. A glass protector will probably make a cracking sound when being peeled off, this is normal.
  5. After removing the screen protection completely, clean the display to remove any adhesive residue.
How to remove the protective glass from the mobile phone
When peeling off the glass, you can use a toothpick and then a card which can be inserted under the glass protector. Source: totalleecase. com.

Easier Installation Using Adhesive Liquid and Special UV Light

Installation of screen protection doesn't necessarily have to be a nightmare and can be made easier. Foil in particular can be problematic due to air bubbles. The adhesive liquid will help here, its advantage is that it is possible to move the film, even if it has been already placed on the display. Once you are satisfied with the position of the film on the screen, simply push the liquid with a spatula from the center of the device to the edges directly into the cloth. You can also see it in the video below. You'll get the liquid, for example, with Screenshield film protectors.

How to stick the tempered glass with UV light
The liquid under the protector hardens when heated up by UV light. Source:

Some brands have even more sophisticated system for applying the protective glass and films. Among such manufacturers is for example Whitestone Dome Glass. In addition to the adhesive liquid, they also use UV light to finish the process. It's an interesting and effective way to glue tempered glass. UV light comes from a special lamp, which can be bought as a part of the package or separately.

i You can install a ScreenShield film protector not only to your phone.

This causes the applied layer of liquid under the glass to harden due to the exposure of UV rays. This method is suitable for installation of the 3D glass, which is a glass that is curved at the sides exactly according to the curved edges of the phone. Such glass can thus completely protect the entire front side of the device.

How to Install a Screen Protector Using Guide Stickers

Guide stickers help with a precise installation of a glass screen protector. They are included in each Alza Guard glass protector package and are used as follows:

  1. Clean the screen thoroughly. Then place the selected glass protector over the screen, the protective film layer facing down.
  2. Adjust the position of the protector so that it follows the edges of the screen and all the cutouts perfectly.
  3. Fix this position on one side with guide stickers, applying each sticker on the protector and folding it over the side and back of the phone.
  4. Flip the protector to the side and remove the protective film.
  5. Carefully flip the glass protector back onto the screen and smooth it out thoroughly to stick it to the surface.
  6. When the glass protector is safely fixed in place, peel off the guide stickers.
Guide Stickers
Applying a film or glass protector using Guide stickers.

If you are concerned that you will not be able to install a film or glass screen protector correctly, leave it to our professionals.  They have already installed hundreds of film and glass protectors. Before buying a new phone, click on the "Install glass screen protector" button in the product detail or you can have the protector installed in our branches

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