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Homedics Illumi FHC-300

€61.54 without VAT

Homedics Illumi FHC-300

Do you have problems with your skin? Provide superior skin care to your skin and other body parts with the Homedics FHC-300 Illumi Handheld Massager.   There are 3 modes - cooling, heating or alternating. For example, the device is designed to relieve the erythema of irritated skin, to eliminate circles under the eyes or to increase the absorption of the cream. Power is provided by built-in rechargeable battery via USB cable . Whether you have a difficult night or today's hectic sign, pamper yourself with the relaxing eye area relaxation, the result will surprise you.

Key features of Homedics FHC-300 Illumi Handheld Massager

  • Hand massage device designed for calming and refreshing the skin
  • Homedics FHC-300 Illumi in an elegant white design with colourful details
  • Choose from cooling mode up to 16 ° C or heating, or a combination thereof
  • An effective tool for eliminating circles under the eyes
  • Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery
  • USB cable included



Designation For eyes, Facial
Number of programs 3
Use For eyes
Power Supply Rechargeable
Code:  HOMMP984
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  FHC-300