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Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H

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Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H

 Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H

Universal massage of most body parts in the comfort of home

The Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H massage mat will give you a unique home massage experience. Relieve your shoulders, neck, back, buttocks and legs with innovative gel heads that will give you relief and relaxation. The pad is made of a pleasant soft material that is easy to wash and does not require special maintenance. The Homedics cushion is powered from the mains and can be attached to any chair or armchair

Treat yourself to deep regeneration every day

The Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H massage mat is equipped with a heating function and allows you to change the distance of the massage heads using the remote control. During the massage, the muscles warm up even more and the accumulated tension in them is released. The heat also helps with back pain and rheumatic problems. Choose between shiatsu, rolling or point massage and use up to 12 setting options.

 Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H

 Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H

Massages based on traditional Japanese techniques

The Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H massage mat is based on the traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage technique, the essence of which is finger pressure. Shiatsu focuses on acupuncture pathways and points to restore the body' s natural flow of energy. Such a massage brings relaxation from today' s ubiquitous stress and tension. Using the rotating mechanism, you can treat yourself to a Shiatsu massage not only in the lumbar, chest or neck area, but also the entire back. The massage heads can also move along the spine and thus imitate the pressure with the palms.

Key features of the Homedics GEL SHIATSU SGM-1600H massage mat

  • Innovative gel heads for a natural touch
  • Up to 12 setting options
  • Choose between shiatsu, rolling and point massage
  • The Homedics pad has a heating function
  • The package includes a remote control
  • Easy to wash pad surface
  • The massage mat is powered from the mains
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Type mat

Power supply

Power Supply mains


Use Buttocks, Neck, Back, Legs


Use Pain relief, Massage

Massage type

Massage type 2D
Number of programs 12


Function Remote control , Heating , Water resistance , Warming


Designation Home


Number of massage types 12
Features Heating function, Remote control


Features Warming
Code:  HOMMP625
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  SGM-1600H