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Here They Lie VR - PS4 VR

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Here They Lie VR - PS4 VR


Do you think that horror games have nothing left to surprise you with anymore? Here They Lie will convince you otherwise. Embark on and adventure of paranoia in a crowded city full of demons and semi-upright characters, and uncover the secrets that lurk in the way.

Here They Lie

The dark aisles provide various mysteries and dangers that await to be discovered.

Here They Lie

The town is dotted with bizarre characters, which are not meant to be played with.

Here They Lie

Fear will breathe on your back

The game is tailor-made for Playstation VR. Dive into virtual reality and enjoy a horror atmosphere in its most palpable form.

Here They Lie

Who am I and what am I doing here?

The game will throw you into the middle of a world with only a minimal amount of information. Who are you, what are you doing in this unholy place, and who is a mysterious woman in the yellow dress? You will have to find it out for yourself.

Here They Lie

Physical force will not work

You cannot get through the hordes of enemies that lie before you. To survive, you will to use your cunning as well as tactical thinking.

Here They Lie

The terrible demons slowly subdue the whole city. And now they want to do the same to your soul!

Here They Lie

The product is only for Czech PSN accounts!

Černobílý svět

A black and white panoptic of horror

No horror game can do without a properly depressive visual rendering. In Here They Lie you will be surrounded by a grey, inhospitable world full of claustrophobic, dilapidated alleyways, from which there is a sense of uneasiness and fear.

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Genre Horror


Text EN
Dubbing EN

PEGI rating

Age limit 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Violence


Platform PS4 - box


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


4k support for gaming Dynamic 4K


Code:  MSX1019
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PS719872252