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Hartmann Vervol Wrist Pressure Monitor

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Hartmann Vervol Wrist Pressure Monitor

Accurate measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure

The practical Hartmann Veroval Wrist Pressure Monitor will surprise you with its ease of use and compact dimensions that are particularly well suited to travelling. In just one measurement session, you will get information about your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and heart rate values. Hartmann Veroval is also suitable for people with an arrhythmia, as they can detect heart rhythm disturbances.

Hartmann Veroval

The Hartmann Veroval is very easy and comfortable to handle

Automatic air inflation is needed to measure these values by Comfort Air. At the beginning and end measuring, the Hartmann Veroval monitor informs you with a sound signal. It is very easy to use the Hartmann Veroval Pressure monitor, even for seniors. It has an extra large clear display and is easily correctly positioned on the hand at the height of the heart which is monitored by optical control. If you have blood pressure problems, you will certainly be delighted by its ability to save measured data to your PC via USB and Verdite Copper software. Once connected, you will have its clear graphical display on your computer.

Analyze and share your results

From The Hartmann Veroval, you can transfer measured values to the Veroval®medi.connect copper application. Connect, and you will be able to see detailed charts and measurement results. You can print or email all your information to your coach or physician.

The Hartmann Veroval Pressure Monitor can be used by 2 people

The Hartmann Veroval Pressure Monitor measures blood pressure and heartbeat for anyone, but it is ideal for two people to record measured values to later be compared. Maximum recording capacity is 2× 100 measurements, providing a very comprehensive overview of your blood pressure. In addition, high battery capacity allows up to 1000 measurements to be performed at any time, anywhere. The sleeve is designed for people with a wrist circumference of 12.5-21cm, for people with a smaller or larger circumference, the measured values may be distorted.

Hartmann Veroval

Accurate measurement of actual pressure

With nervousness, blood pressure is rising, so many people perceive a doctor's examination as a stressful affair. It's called white coat syndrome, if you have it, the pressure measured in the exam will probably be significantly increased. 

Now you no longer need to stress and you can measure your pressure from the comfort of your home. You can find everything about blood pressure here.

Hartmann Veroval

Key Features of the Hartmann Veroval Wrist Pressure Monitor

  • Compact pressure monitor suitable for trips
  • It measures blood pressure and heart rate
  • In case of arrhythmia, it will recognise and report irregularities
  • Easy and fast measurement of wrist blood pressure
  • Large clear LCD display
  • Keeps 2× 100 measured values - ideal for two people
  • Painless inflation of the cuff using Comfort Air technology
  • Extra long battery life - up to 1000 measurements
  • Using the "Verified Copper" software connected data can be displayed on a PC
  • USB cable included

Correct measurement position

The pressure monitor has an integrated position sensor. Start by placing your device at the height of your heart. As soon as you see "OK" on the display, you have the correct positioning and you can start measuring accurately.

Hartmann Veroval

High precision verification

When measuring with the Hartmann Verifier, rest assured that Verdack with ECG has been proven to be a first-class precision tool, and therefore can proudly wear the quality seal from the European Society for Hypertension. 

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Type On wrist
Cuff for mac. circuit 21 cm


Function Arrhythmia detection, Memory


Interface USB
Code:  HART003
Warranty: 12 months
Extended Warranty: +48 months
Product Number:  9253240
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