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Hama uRage Lethality

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Best keyboards on the market and for the money ... :)
It looks great Silent Reliable Rubberized keys USB connector for great games and writing Packaged replacement for key blue - black arrow and WASD
Not illuminated - if it were, I would give 6 stars :)
I was satisfied with her best bargain I could have done :)
Still Amazing comfortable surface Pressing several keys at once Colour separation of main gaming keys Great price
Not illuminated
Total silent replaceable keys
Quoting "Unresponsive keyboard while pressing multiple keys at once players do not have to wake from sleep, because this problem can handle Anti-Ghost." Probably not. However, when playing normally use four keys at a time, but this keyboard can not handle even three. If it is a fault of my piece, I'll complain
At that price really cool keyboard.
Silent spare buttons Very stylish super price
At that price without errors :-)
well he says it looks pretty sensitive buttons blue tinted important keys braided cable
yet I know of no
Very quiet Elegant Separate WSAD keys for gamers Super price
Lean to play her quiet and reliable
dvovoj is one of a da Zohn good keyboard of affordable price and is very comfortable stealthily odporucam stack or as sarcek for players is very good :)
KEYS quietness richly response
sometimes vrzka Spacebar
At that price is but retaliates!
Very inexpensive keyboard, with a nice appearance.
Too facile very proud of dust can be seen ..
Quiet nice insight Super price Doporučuju
Not on all 4 points, he must have it on the side prop folded paper, but it is not Alza but China, probably I have been lucky to nepovedenej piece: D
Pleasant layout Colorful keys that can be exchanged FN key option software to block Windows key
Design WSAD and arrows can be exchanged blue / black cable from the substance USB Price
Some of you say, they do not go to press the button once ... but it is according to me individually. Jazz - but when it is mechanical and thus expect such a price :)
Still with me happened that when pressed several keys on some of them did not respond All the keys are compressed extremely well, none to me nevzpriečuje and nezasekáva
It just happened to me, they gave me no spare keys WASD, but Waddy? -___- ... Last time I wanted a blue drape over black Lenz, when I opened a package, so I changed my mind ... but besides this it is a great keyboard for the price :)
Everything except for replacement of keys
Waddy place spare keys WASD
highlighting the gaming keys, favorable price
Highlighted gaming keys, good price
Keyboard I have had almost five months still works and is good. I recommend it!
Price Quality Good cable
no I not found
Nice Quiet designation on the different characters are blue button Solid rubber
After some time ceased to function
Red LEDs Price comfortably Buttons are coming
The soft plastic
I recommend a great buy even at a good price :)
It looks great silent solehlivá rubberized keys long cable super chic comfortable price
I can not complain
design award last long enough cable
Total nice and quiet
to win 8 I did not go
Brat move from a computer, so obviously it is happy with it.
good price
I recommend this product for demanding PC gamers.
Durable cable silent when writing design
Nice design Nice Price at her Price writes again: D
Not backlit .... Otherwise I would have given 6 stars :-)
The structure, convenience Pisanio
size removable key contents price of treatment, etc., etc.
bad disconnects podpěrák hand
It is as ma
Keys do not need expending large or too small on the pressing force. Thus, when writing longer texts me writing is no problem. Keyboard on my desk nepodkluzuje. Highlighted Yamaha buttons are definitely a plus, too, and if someone were to difficulty in packaging and Yamaha buttons are black. It is the first keyboard with which I do not mind, "Backs" on the wrist. Nice look.
Maybe a little light, but I see it as a big disadvantage. In my opinion unnecessarily long USB connector.
Famously silent on it says get used to it
Too bad they are not backlit buttons but nothing else!
great keyboard, fast response
it bothers me a little longer key travel, but it is a habit
it is good but if it were illuminated was beaten super
Viňikajúca kávesnica
Vimenitelne letters
Blue buttons I immediately exchanged for black, which are bundled keyboard is a nice little Without any multimedia buttons long cable
Little Left Shift
They are not
There is no mistake
at this rate top
Well silent on it says Removable key (unless you want highlighted in blue keys)
Simply skvelá keyboard. Just a pity that it does not have a backlight I would give 6 asterisks. : D
Very quiet Buttons Anti-ghosting Win lock (FN + F12) Blue marked, multi-player buttons (ASWD and arrows), and can be exchanged for normally. Beautifully converting
Not podsvietená.
Great response squeezing Comfortable keyboard Great design Together with Hama Illuminated Uraga's a lethal combination
Gaming Keyboard for little money but I can not criticize anything, I expected less than I got :)
Good design appearance
I'm just happy. It suits me how to work and play.
Pleasantly he is working on it. Red LED Caps Lock, etc. is better than the standard green. The pack spare key standard colors for a replacement for the blue ones for players.
It works as it should
Quality keyboard for decent money. Buttons are going well and removable push w + a + s + d is an added bonus
Everything is as it should be and the game looks stylish
Backlight would be great
Comfortable and nice keyboard for very good money.
Price Simplicity Convenience Appearance
Too bad it does not have a backlight
good at playing games and writing comfort
not illuminated
Quality is not lit corresponds to the price, you'll get quite a good keyboard, which for most normal use amply sufficient.
Place the right Win key is Fnc button. It does not too tight, slightly arching. Sometimes angry CapsLock, reverses it. Never open it so badly thrown inside on the keyboard I've ever seen, I gave it two hours together.
Great for the price
At this price, it is comfortable and quiet gaming keyboard :)
I would probably do nothing nevytknul
correct keyboard layout :-) well on her writing very long cable
key noise (extra space) did not last long - studeňák cable
silent beautiful game design
not illuminated
Good writing and playing PC games
Perhaps only that it is not illuminated-but to me it does not matter
Beautifully quiet at her writing marked keys for playing
Stopped functioning after half of the year.
Silent Náhradné button Looking good for the price good kúpa
It bothers me a little shift to the left side, but it was accustomed :)
Silent red LEDs are good at it, he writes
pad arms could be bigger
keyboard I have about a week, so far I have not found any cons
quietness BC comfortable writing pad reliable hands acceptable price
so far I have not found any anti-
price sufficiently dlouhej Kabli
could backlit bit, at least the blue button at twilight bad writing or a game, nothing else
looks super silent replaceable keys
not illuminated
for the price of about 11 € it's great textile usb keyboard cable is also advantageous easily replaceable-Key Dodane and with nahradnymy arrows WASD + (humans may choose blue or Cirene)
price / good quality usb cable lahko
while nothing
Price rapid response replaceable tlacitka WASD or arrow keys Antighost system Appearance
Cheaper plastics processing
The accompanying paw on taking out the keys. Enclosed spare keys for the blue. The minimalist design. Low price.
Keyboard completely stopped working after three hours of use.
price perfect for younger family members who do not u Pc spend a lot of time
noisier keyboard layout
I had to complain, I had a problem with the USB cable does not work
Cable knit sensitive buttons silence
broken usb cable
Coloured buttons look nice
Anti-Ghost therefore does not work, pull more than three buttons and slashes it.
I bought here at Christmas and after 2 months of not working
prijemna price can be changed by "color" keys
Wrong vyditelnost of blue KEYS
blue-marked buttons so important.
I do not understand why it does not write the numbers and not too right arrow keys but that is probably my computer
I had a 2000 mouse and keyboard and wanted cape PERFECT here so I save money on your keyboard.
quality price if you're short on desk space is small so it fits krasne
for that price you can ever complain
after about half a year on her began to change a button, 'z' was 'b', 'y' was '8', etc., it was not a virus, cause other keyboard functioned without problems
After a moment ceased to function altogether
exited the cable is broken Astal was Krutil
I recommend it works is pretty good víborná keyboard :)
Great value, silent, precise keys, has Windowsbutton-lock for gaming, multimediabuttons with the use of a functionkey
No backlight, cheap design, sort of pllastic-feel, no complete instructions included, weak clip-supported feet
Looks nice for money even works suited to Uraga mice that are also very cheaply Braided Cable who nepřekroutí
When writing all dvouma is no indication AWSD quite a nuisance buying October 15, 2013 - Cable finally misinterpreted. Go to complain, but still for the price ....