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Hama Speedshot Ultimate

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Hama Speedshot Ultimate

With this converter, all fans of first person shooter games will get their money's worth as they can now play at ultra high speed with a mouse and a keyboard. This is a unique solution to connect one keyboard and mouse with PlayStation 3/4 and Xbox 360. It includes various button mapping options. Those who play first-person shooter games will appreciate the convenience of using standard computer controls and still score a win over opponents. It also includes a set of stickers for trouble-free identification of key buttons.

Key features of the Hama Speedshot Ultimate Converter

  • Easily connect keyboard and mouse to game consoles
  • 81 different speed levels can be selected for the mouse
  • 9 selectable sensitivity settings for perfect precision depending on the mouse and game
  • Up to 11 different key assignment profiles can be saved at the same time
  • Freely adjustable Turbo and Auto-fire function for rapid, automatically repeated activation of a button
  • Keyboard stickers for added convenience

Smart and tidy solution

The Software CD supplied allows a perfect overview when adjusting the Speedshot converter. The entire game play can be adjusted on the Speedshot converter directly or via the supplied PC software. You get 81 different levels of speed and 9 levels of mouse sensitivity for optimal customization according to the needs of the game and the particular user. All buttons on the Dualshock 4 can be mapped freely on both the mouse and the keyboard. At the same time, you get 11 different key assignment profiles that you can set up according to the games you play. The Turbo and Auto-Fire function gives you the possibility for quick, automatically repeated activation of a button. You also get many other settings (e.g. inverted Y-axis on the mouse).

For proper functionality, it's important that the game supports a keyboard instead of the original gamepad. Please check the compatibility with your games before purchasing the converter.

Connection notes for individual consoles:

Xbox One:
Headsets can NOT be used on the Xbox One during in-game chats, but only in Skype chats. 
A Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller is required for operation.

Xbox 360:
A cabled Microsoft Xbox 360 controller is required for operation.
A wireless controller with charging kit cannot be used.

PlayStation 4:
The Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller is required for operation.

PlayStation 3:
No additional controller is required for connection. The connection is established without the controller directly with the PS3.

Standard accessories:
PC software on CD
Micro USB connection cable
Compatibility / Programming List
Instructions for use

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Basic connectors

Type and number of connectors

First male connector type USB-A
First male connector standard USB 2.0
Number of the first male connector 1 ×
First female connector type USB-A
First female connector standard USB 2.0
Number of the first female connector 2 ×


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Warranty: 24 months
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