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Hama Professional M8CD

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Hama Professional M8CD

To have 100% confidence that your sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands, the Hama Professional Shredder is the ideal choice. High-quality cross-cut steel blades can easily handle 8 sheets of paper at once, staples and also with plastic cards and CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs. With separate baskets for different types of material, the shredder is not only safe but also ecological. Simple operation with an infrared sensor for automatic start and stop gives the user time and energy savings.

Key Features

  • Protection level E-4 O-1 | P-5 | T-5 according to DIN 66399
  • Safety class 3
  • Capacity of the 16-litre paper bin
  • Capacity (CD/DVD/plastic card/Blu-ray disc) 1.5 litres
  • Safety shutdown in case of overload (LED indication)
  • Separate bin for shredded CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs/plastic cards and paper

DIN 66399 Standard

This standard specifies the maximum particle size at which the original data carrier is torn or destroyed. Carriers are divided into six categories by material; each category has seven security levels. The parameters of the Hama Professional M8CD are therefore:

  • E-4 Electronic data carriers, maximum particle size 30mm2, suitable for sensitive personal data.
  • O-1 Electronic data carriers, maximum particle size 2000mm2, suitable for sensitive personal data.
  • P-5 Papers, maximum particle size 30mm2, suitable for particularly sensitive and personal data.
  • T-5 Electronic data carriers, maximum particle size 30mm2, suitable for sensitive personal data.

Cross section

Cross section (unlike cross cut) does not create strips when shredding but small fragments, which in addition to increased security, create less waste.

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Cutting type Cross section


Bin volume 16 l
Shredding rate 2 m/min
Shredded material Paper, Clamps and clips, CD, DVD, plastic cards


Gear Reverse gear, Shutdown on overheating/overload, Removable basket, Automatic start/stop , Separate bins for different types of waste


Type Automatic

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Code:  PX265n
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  50185