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Hama CC 614L

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is required complaint, the machine got stuck me one shred and I used it just one day.
It works great
when more paper jams, but it alerts directly next to the inlet, so you need to be careful
A little noisier, but I do not mind.
Cross section good quality and reliability
Cross section-quality reliability
Transparent bin cut into small pieces so far I have tried 4 papers and fine
Small basket
Loud ...
Transparent bin is a practical cuts well, 6 sheets makes no
only 5 sheets, although Alza writes 6 5 leaves is visibly written on the box and the inlet to the device as well. We still Peach din 1, 5 years old, and its design and processing is still better than that of Ham.
Purchased December 17, 2012. Delivered December 18, 2012. Skartnováno 19 December 2012 (several dozen pages) Nonoperating December 20, 2012, a return to the 10-year-old shredder. NOT RECOMMENDED.
after filling one container (about 100-150 A4) overheats and off for about 20 minutes after the second batch was treated three to four pieces of A4 and again turns off
Very good quality shredders, very good cross-section ideal capacity is 2 to 3 sheets
good quality Cross section
Sufficiently fast performance
Quite noisy