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GUNNAR Office Collection Intercept, Onyx

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GUNNAR Office Collection Intercept, Onyx

The GUNNAR glasses utilise advanced technologies to make working with computers easier and more comfortable. Their transparent lenses significantly boost contrast and emphasise details and visual cues, while minimising unwanted glare and dampening the harshest parts of the colour spectrum. These features help to reduce eye fatigue caused by LCD displays and improve response time, making them popular among passionate gamers and people working with computers on a daily basis.

The main advantage of GUNNAR eyewear is the advanced i-AMP technology, created through intensive research of the human optical system and the way it interacts with digital devices. The GUNNAR glasses were developed based on these findings, combining a unique lens material with advanced geometry and cutting-edge surface layers. Higher productivity and less eyestrain make buying these glasses well worth it.

Key Features:
Ideal for office work
Provide highly detailed, sharp and clear image
Increase productivity
Anti-reflective coating reduces glare and image noise
Reduce eye strain and overall fatigue
Enhance contrast for better image perception
Reduce response time
Lenses: Amber
Frame: Black

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Glasses colour

Glass colour Amber


Nose 18 mm
Temple 132 mm
Glass 41 mm

Style of glasses

Style Classic


Use Office
Dioptre 0.25
Code:  JD611g
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  INT-00101
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