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Grand Theft Auto V - PS3

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Grand Theft Auto V - PS3

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At first glance, it feels like any other GTA, which in itself is already really great. At the second glance, an incredible world will appear that will entertain, swallow and refuse to spit you out. -

Trevor Philips je pošahaný bývalý voják, který si nebere servítky a jde k cíli přes mrtvoly

Trevor Philips is a mad ex-soldier, which doesn't mess around and isn't afraid to walk over corpses just to reach his goal.

Franklin Clinton je mladý zloděj aut, jenž se snaží dostat na výsluní

Franklin Clinton is a young car thief trying to make a name for himself.

Michael De Santa je bývalý mafián, který je nucen se vypořádat s krizí středního věku, svou rodinou a manželkou, která jej má za naprostého slabocha

A trio to look out for

Michael De Santa is a former mafioso dealing with the middle-age crisis, while also having to take care of his family and wife that doesn't respect him.

Vystřílejte se z bryndy

Shoot yourself out of trouble

Once our trio of criminals gets together, their bloody footprint will soon catch the eye of other criminals and the federal forces, so the gentlemen will have to start to cooperate even if they don't want to. The Grand Theft Auto V brings an excellent story full of dialogue and humour - just as we like it.

Úžasná podívaná

An amazing spectacle

GTA V utilizes hardware to the fullest, so your eyes will be able to take full pleasure in beautiful vehicles, advanced effects and, above all, a solid engine that gives all subjects real weight in the game world.

Nouze nebude ani o možnost proletět se v tryskáči

You'll even have the chance to fly around in a jet.

Grand Theft Auto V nabídne nejdynamičtější a nejrůznorodější herní prostředí z celé série

Grand Theft Auto V promises the most dynamic and varied gaming environment you have ever seen in the series.

Zablbněte si v multiplayeru

Mess around in multiplayer mode

The already gigantic gaming world is bigger this year with new features such as new missions, player rankings, the possibility of buying new estates, vehicles and character enhancements. GTA Online allows gamers, in addition to enjoying the new content, to create and share it with the gaming community.

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Genre Action, FPS


Text EN
Dubbing EN

PEGI rating

Age limit 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Drugs, Violence, Online


Platform PS3
Edition Basic


Game and movie series Grand Theft Auto


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 3
Licence Box

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Not supported


Multiplayer Online
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Warranty: 24 months
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