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GP PB570 + 4AA 2700

€22.65 without VAT

GP PB570 + 4AA 2700

A charger with advanced security features

This NiMH charger, suitable for AA or AAA batteries, has a battery overload safety timer and a maintain recharge function. In practice, this means that even after charging, the batteries can safely remain in the charger. The device maintains 100% of the energy level of cells, while preventing the reduction of overall battery life due to overcharging.

You can charge 2 or 4 batteries depending on how much you need. Besides the timer, the safety function also includes protection against reverse polarity, detection of alkaline or damaged batteries and a thermal fuse.

Included with the charger, are 4 AA NiMH cells in the pack with a capacity of 2700mAh.

GP PowerBank PB570 pojme až 4 ks baterií (kompatibilní velikosti jsou AA nebo AAA)

The GP PowerBank PB570 can hold up to 4 pcs of batteries (compatible sizes are AA or AAA)

Napájení v rozmezí od 100 do 240 V AC umožňuje bezproblémové použití v zásuvkách po celém světě

Power supply ranging from 100 to 240V AC allows seamless use in sockets around the world

Key features

  • Intelligent charger with a safety timer
  • It charges NiMH cells of AA or AAA size
  • Option to charge 2-4 batteries at the same time
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Detection of alkaline or damaged batteries
  • Thermal fuse
  • 4x 2700mAh batteries (included)

Charge time by battery type and capacity:

  • AA 1300mAh: 3.5 hours
  • AA 2700mAh: 7 hours
  • AAA 1000mAh: 3 hours
  • AAA 650mAh: 4.5 hours

The rechargeable NiMH batteries included in the package are ready for use. This is due to being pre-charged during production and to their increased ability to maintain energy during storage in the retail chain.


Thanks to the minimal self-discharge effect known as Low-Self-Discharge (LSD), the battery retains up to 70% energy at room temperature at room temperature. Recharge the battery again to fully charge the battery.


Using rechargeable batteries with proper handling can save you considerable financial costs. When you buy this battery, you will save up to €500 in its normal use when compared to non-rechargeable batteries with an equivalent battery life.


Each rechargeable battery is factory limited by an approximate number of charge cycles. When this number of cycles is reached, the battery's ability to retain as much energy as possible drops significantly.


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Dimensions and weight

Width 10.8 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Depth 3.63 cm
Weight 110 g


Charging time 3 hr(s)
Protection Overheat protection, Overload protection, Defective battery detection, Polarity detection
Functions Charging indicator


Package contents With the supplied batteries
Capacity of included batteries 2,700 mAh
Number of batteries included 4 piece(s)


For batteries AAA, Pencil (AA)
For battery type NiMH
Code:  HM011o4d
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  1604157000
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