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GP 8400mAh white

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GP 8400mAh white

The external battery, GP Batteries 381, is a universal charging device with a charging capacity of 8400mAh that ensures fast charging of your mobile devices while on the go. The battery's large storage capacity allows for multiple charging of smartphones, and with its compact body size, the battery is incredibly portable and can be taken anywhere. It comes with 2 USB outputs that have a high current max range of 2.4 and 2.1A. The LED indicators display current battery charge status and when it needs to be recharged the Li-ion battery can be charged directly from the USB port on your computer or USB charger using the included USB cable.


Supported devices:
Smartphones, cell phones, MP3, MP4, iPod, GPS navigation

The capacity of the built-in battery:

Battery type:
Li-Pol 3.7V

Max. 2000 mA/5V DC
Charging pin PSU: 1x micro USB 2.0

Charging time:
6hrs (2.1A)

Dual 1 × 2400 mA/5 V DC + 1 × 2 100 mA/5 V DC
Connector for charging the connected device: 2 x USB 2.0

Discharge time:
570 minutes

Operating temperature:
0 to +40°C

LED indicator:
Displays charging progress
Displays the battery status

Safety features:
Short-circuit protection, overload protection, discharge protection, overcharge protection

Package includes:
1 x USB cable micro-USB 2.0

Dimensions (height x length x width):
107 × 73 × 23mm



Please note:
The actual (physical) capacity of the battery cell is 8400mAh. Practically, however, there can not be any external energy loss for there to be a transfer of the equivalent power to the mobile device's battery. There is normally a loss of energy that arises from a drive voltage of 3.7V transferring to 5V. Also, with any power transition with contact resistance, there is less than 100% efficiency when storing energy in the receiving device's battery, due to temperature conditions, higher charging current and the like. Generally, constant power can move from the external battery to the charging device's cell with an efficiency between approx. 85 to 70% depending on conditions.

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Capacity 8,400 mAh


Determined for Mobile phones and tablets


Outputs USB
Output current 2.4 A
output voltage 5 V
Number of outputs 2


Colour White
Features and functions LED indication status


Width 107 mm (10.7 cm)
Height 23 mm (2.3 cm)
Depth 73 mm (7.3 cm)


Weight 250 g
Code:  HM020h2f
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  B0382W
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