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God Of War - PS4

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God Of War - PS4


God of War looks really cool. Great graphics, an interesting story, a lot of monsters and all this should be completed by an excellent combat system.

God of War - Hlavní postavy

Meet Kratos and his son.

God of War - pouť

Experience the journey full of danger and adventure from their point of view.

God of War - grafika

Great graphics processing

According to the first footage of the game, it looks like it will be a graphics masterpiece. The beautiful scenery, amazingly designed characters and great effects will make your jaw drop.

God of War - sever plný potvor

The merciless north

The hero Kratos moved from the Greek environment, where the previous part took place, to the north. Here you will encounter a lot of pitfalls and dangers, and the monsters are really just the beggining ...

God of War - boj

Kratos doesn't play around

The main hero is definitely not a soft guy and as we could see in the first shots of the game, he's not playing around with his enemies.

God of War - finnisher

Many monsters will end up in half.

God of War - spojenci

But on your way, you will also meet the Allies.

God of War - severská mytologie

Nordic mythology

Just like in the previous game, you'll be encountering gods, but this time Nordic ones. On the picture you can see Jörmungandr, a gigantic sea serpent, also known as the World Serpent which represents a tremendous danger to humanity because it has the power to summon Ragnarok, the end of the world.

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Game and movie series God of War


Type Game
Platform PlayStation 4
Licence Box


Genre Action


4k support for gaming Dynamic 4K

PEGI rating

Age limit 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Violence


Platform PS4 - box
Edition Basic

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Nepodporováno
Code:  MSX2001
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PS719963509
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