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Lens Speed

The following apply when setting the lens speed:

  • Brighter lens luminosity, produces better quality rendering of the resulting images.
  • Higher f-numbers indicate smaller apertures, shorter exposure times, and a lower risk of blurred images.
  • When increasing the focal length, decrease the lens speed.
  • Lowering the lens speed and exposure time under good light conditions, achieves less depth of field.

Methods of expressing luminosity

  • F-number: f4 or ranges in Zoom Lenses: F4.0-5.6
  • Evaluative number: f1/4 or ranges in Zoom Lenses: f1/4.0-5.6

Quality maximum aperture lenses

  • f1.4 for lenses with fixed focal lengths
  • f2.8 for zoom lenses with variable focal lengths

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