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GARNI 2055 Arcus

€281.59 without VAT

GARNI 2055 Arcus

A weather station is a popular accessory allowing you to always get a good idea of what your local weather is going to be like. The GARNI 2055 Arcus can reliably monitor the weather parameters both inside and outside the house. The device uses a hassle-free wireless sensor. The device works as a classic thermometer and can do practical weather forecasts. Among the parameters the GARNI technology weather station can monitor are barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction. As you would expect, the device includes a clock. This model can also serve as an alarm clock with Snooze. The GARNI 2055 Arcus is powered from the mains, which means you don't have to worry about empty batteries. You can link the station with other devices using WiFi, and it supports Android and iOS.

Key Features of the GARNI 2055 Arcus Weather Station

  • The weather station displays the current weather data including the weather forecast
  • GARNI 2055 Arcus is an indoor/outdoor device
  • Tracked parameters: barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed and direction
  • Also works as an alarm clock with Snooze
  • GARNI technology Weather Station requires AA batteries
  • Features a wireless sensor
  • GARNI technology Weather Station uses power from the mains
  • Supports WiFi



Weather actual , forecast
Use inner , outdoor
Measurement values barometric pressure , temperature , humidity , wind speed and direction
Functions wireless sensor , snooze , hours , alarm , colour display , Barometer , sensors


Location Table


Power supply AA


Supported OS Android , iOS
Power supply Network , Battery-powered
Application language Czech , English


Connection WiFi


Expandability Open system
Area of use Heating, Weather monitoring
Code:  GARNI19003
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  Garni 2055 Arcus
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