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G21 Emotion White

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G21 Emotion White

G21 Emotion White

Prepare Natural Juices from Fresh Raw Materials Rich in Vitamins

The powerful G21 Emotion juicer can effortlessly press out all the juice from fruit or vegetables and then perfectly separate the juice from the solid ingredients thanks to power of the 180W motor and the low speed of 37rpm. The G21 Emotion juicer has only one button to switch on, switch off or switch back on again. The insertion hole has been designed to be big enough to accommodate most of the raw material in the G21 Juicer in White. You do not have to pre-cut anything.

Key Features of the G21 Emotion White Juicer

  • Reverse operation in case machine get stuck
  • 7.5cm diameter fill hole
  • Power of 180W
  • Easy maintenance
  • Three strainers for various uses 
G21 Emotion White

G21 Emotion White

Practical Accessories

The G21 Emotion Juice Pack includes three strainers for a variety of uses. The fine sieve serves for the production of clear juice, while the larger mesh strainer is ideal for thick juice with a more pulp. The third strainer is designed for all lovers of delicious ice cream. The package also includes a practical and ingeniously shaped rammer.

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Juicer type Manual


Masticating technology Feeder
Power 180 W
Number of oscillations 37 RPM
Inlet opening size 75 mm

Dimensions and weight

Depth 20.5 cm
Width 14 cm
Height 48 cm
Weight 6.5 kg


Colour White
Code:  G21EM001
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  G21GDJWH
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