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Fujitsu Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard - Fujitsu server only - main license

€631.61 without VAT

Fujitsu Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard - Fujitsu server only - main license

Windows Server waited for its improvement for 4 years. That's why the 2016 version is fundamentally redesigned to meet the latest demands for network services and cloud computing. All the improvements have been geared towards greater security, stability, and flexible performance for each required task. The comprehensive Windows Server 2016 solution will guide you anywhere you need.

List of Key New Features

  • Additional security layers and deployment options
  • Supports for nested virtualization with Hyper-V
  • Backup of virtual machines using snapshots
  • Efficient Nano Server for virtualization
  • Software restart function for faster operation
  • Windows Containers carry all application data in the container
  • Internet Information Services with HTTP/2 protocol

Enhanced security

In a world where you face a wide range of risks, you need more security layers to prevent potential hackers from accessing your critical data. You can rely on new levels of protection integrated into the system. Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard also protect long-distance administrator credentials, and can divide the permissions of individual admin accounts to prevent the full disclosure of system features. Advanced audit tools are also available to help identify suspect behaviour in the core and processes.

More in one

Divide the structure of services into virtual machines. These will help to protect the whole and ensure the independence of each part. The virtual machines themselves are encrypted with BitLocker. Reduce resource utilization using a lightweight Nano Server installation. This minimalist environment can provide the necessary roles with minimal demands on system resources. The updated Nano Server module used for creating Nano Server bit copies is now able to separate the physical host and virtual machine functions. It also supports various versions of Windows Server. You can also improve protection of container-based aapplications with Hyper-V containers.

Solves traffic problems

Make affordable and scalable solutions always available at a fraction of the price. With software-defined storage, you can greatly increase data center efficiency. Connect your physical and virtual infrastructure with software technologies to reduce your administrative costs by making the most out of one piece of hardware. Manage everything centrally, monitor performance, and manage access to storage resources.

Newly segmented editions

The Windows Server 2016 operating system now comes in 3 different editions to meet your needs without stretching your budget. The Essentials edition is designed primarily for small businesses and their networks with up to 25 users. The Standard version of Windows Server 2016 is a good foundation for all corporate networks. Compared to the lower version, the license also includes licenses for the operation of 2 virtual systems. The premium Datacenter version will excel in large corporations and companies are serious about virtualization. It includes licenses for the operation of unlimited virtual machines.



Basic parameters

Designation For businesses
SW type MS Windows Server


License type Physical license


Device type PC
Operating system Windows


Method of licensing OEM license
Number of devices 1
Use Commercial use
License type Physical license
Portability of license No
Geographical limitations of activation Only in the EU
Code:  TF930a4g
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  S26361-F2567-D520
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