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Fractal Design Integra M 450W Black

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Fractal Design Integra M 450W Black

Power supplies from Integra M Series are made to fit small size and excellent power features, including 80PLUS Bronze certified efficiency. The supply has a whole collection of power cords for drives and multiple wiring of graphics cards, and so it fits medium-performance gaming computers and workstations. The short length of the supply (140 mm) allows for an easy installation even in small PC cases.
Modular flat cables contribute to easy installation and improve the airflow inside the case, because there are no cables to interfere. The power supply features a 120mm temperature-controlled fan. Thus it achieves low noise levels during office work and Internet fun, but also great cooling when the load is too high.

Maximum current consumption:
+3.3V - 20A
+5V - 15A
+12V - 37A
-12V - 0.5A
+ 5Vsb - 2.5A

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Performance and format

Performance 450 W
Format ATX


Features and functions Detachable cables, Thermal speed control, Power switch


Certification 80 PLUS Bronze
Performance 82 %


Connectors ATX 24 pin, CPU 8pin / 4+4pin
Number of PCI express 8-pin
Number of serial ATA 15-pin
Number of molex HDD 4-pin

Cooling system

Fan size 120 mm

UK Localisation Message


Width 150 mm (15 cm)
Height 86 mm (8.6 cm)
Depth 140 mm (14 cm)
Weight 1.44 kg (1,435 g)
Code:  CB320k5
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  FD-PSU-IN3B-450W
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