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FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh

€143.21 without VAT

FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh

Are you looking for a practical portable power bank? The FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh powerbank is the ideal choice with its capacity of 48000 mAh. Use it for charging your mobile phones and similar devices on the road easily.

FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh Power Bank Key Features

  • Powerbank can be used with phones and tablets
  • Indicator diode
  • Output voltage of 20,3 V
  • Output current reaches 1,5 A
  • Has 3 USB, USB-C and Car socket connectors
  • Powerback capacity: 48000 mAh

FOX Power Bank with a Very High Capacity

You'll love the high battery capacity during long journeys, wherever you won't have access to electricity for a long time. The FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh high capacity power bank can be easily charged using a regular phone charger. The advantage of the power bank is the possibility of charging 3 devices at once using the USB, USB-C and Car socket ports. This FOX has USB-C ports. A truly practical feature is the LED flashlight on the FOX Halo Power Pack 48K mAh power bank which is great for when you're lost in the dark. The LEDs inform you of the status of your battery.

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Capacity 48,000 mAh


Determined for Mobile phones and tablets


Number of outputs 3
Outputs USB, USB-C, Car socket
Output current 1.5 A
output voltage 20.3 V


Input USB-C
Output current 2 A


Features and functions LED indication status, LED flashright, Increased resistance
Colour Black , Orange


Width 208 mm (20.8 cm)
Height 148 mm (14.8 cm)
Depth 38 mm (3.8 cm)


Weight 1,500 g
Code:  RYB013578
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  5056212127917