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Fortron UPS NanoFit 600

€48.90 without VAT

Fortron UPS NanoFit 600

The Nanofit UPS provides reliable overvoltage, short-circuit, overcharge and discharge protection for all your electronic devices. In addition, in the event of a power failure, the power supply will provide enough backup power to turn off your computer manually to prevent data loss. The number of available sockets makes Fortron UPS NanoFit 600 mainly suitable for use in homes or smaller offices. With its compact size, it fits comfortably under the desk or any other place, but the special construction also allows it to be mounted on a wall.

Fortron UPS NanoFit 600




Power type Off-line

Output type

Schuko 6


Weight 2.6 kg


Width 158.5 mm
Height 95 mm
Depth 305 mm

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Code:  UD948f12
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PPF3602301
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