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Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online

€527.91 without VAT

Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online

We would not wish it on our worst enemy. A power outage a few seconds before you saved that important document. Almost all your work has vanished, and you have to start all over again. Repeats of such tragedies can be averted by the Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online backup source, or UPS. In principle, this hardware is just a premium battery backup that provides power for all types of electronics. The Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online backup power uses the Online with double conversion design approach. Off-line is the most basic form. The line interactive UPS also adds power protection. The most complex variant is the double conversion online UPS, which provides power with zero transfer time to the battery, making it ideal for sensitive equipment.

The most important attribute is the battery run time. This is governed by the power consumption of the connected devices – for example, at half-load (50%), the UPS power time will last a longer amount of time. The load of the UPS determines the operating time, which at maximum load is 4 min and at half the energy consumption, it is 6,3 min. It is therefore necessary to determine the energy consumption of the connected computers, monitors and other electronics and ideally to have some spare energy in reserve. The Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online measures the apparent power as 3000, but realistically, the actual power usage is 2400 W.

Fortron UPS Custos 9X 3000 VA, 2U, online Backup Power Supply Key Features

  • Backup power design: Online with double conversion
  • Actual performance: 2400 W
  • At a 100% load, the UPC will work for 4 min
  • 8 sockets (C13), as used for monitors, printers, or amplifiers
  • 0 classic Schuko plugs




Power type Online with double conversion

Backup time

At 100% load 4 min
At 50% load 6.3 min

Output type

IEC 320 C13 8
IEC 320 C19 0
IEC Jumpers 0
Schuko 0
Additional interfaces and protection Protection data network RJ-45, USB, RS-232


Weight 28 kg


Width 438 mm
Height 88 mm
Depth 510 mm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  UD948f16
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  PPF27A2200