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FSP Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K

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FSP Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K

The Fortron FSP200-50GSV-5K is SFX format and can be loaded up to 200 watts. The maximum possible efficiency is ensured by active PFCs. This is up to 85% (82% at maximum load) for this source, giving you 80 Plus Bronze certification. Cooling takes care of a 60mm silent fan.
To connect the components, you can find, in addition to the 20 + 4pin cable for the base plate, a 4-pin power connector for the processor. Two SATA cables are available for HDD/SSD, or optical drives. Also, 4pin Molex must not be missing, and those who use floppy disk drive do not need to worry about connections. The power cord is not included.
In the source there are circuits that protect both the source itself, and the components connected to it. This is overvoltage and current protection.
Parameters and Specifications:
Basic information:
Power: 200 W
Efficiency: 80 plus Bronze certification (typical 82% efficiency)
PFC: active
Fan: 60 mm
+3.3 V - 14 A
+5 V - 16 A
+12 V1 - 17 A
-12 V - 0.3 A
+5 Vsb - 2.5 A
OVP (Over Voltage Protection) - Overvoltage protection
OCP (Over Current Protection) - Current protection
1x power ATX 20 + 4 pins
1x ATX12V 4 pins
2x Molex
1x FDD
125 x 63.5 x 100 (width x height x depth)


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Performance and format

Performance 200 W
Format SFX


Features and functions Active PFC, Power switch


Certification 80 PLUS Bronze
Performance 85 %


Connectors ATX 24 pin
Number of serial ATA 15-pin
Number of molex HDD 4-pin
Number of molex FDD 4-pin

Cooling system

Fan size 60 mm


Width 125 mm (12.5 cm)
Height 63.5 mm (6.35 cm)
Depth 100 mm (10 cm)
Code:  UD949a3
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  9PA200A001
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