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FOREO UFO Mini Fuchsia

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FOREO UFO Mini Fuchsia

Revolutionary technology for shiny and clean facial skin. The FOREO UFO Mini Fuchsia Cleaning Set is the latest smart face mask that fits into every handbag.The FOREO UFO in the dark pink colour can handle your face with a Korean mask in just 90 seconds , which usually lasts 20 minutes. The device combines the technology of hyperinfusion (heating, cooling and pulse T-Sonic) with LED light therapy, making the cleaning set a multifunctional professional home-grooming tool. Each treatment contains a carefully chosen combination of temperature and pulse intensity for maximum effect and soothing facial massage.

Key Features of the FOREO UFO Mini Fuchsia Cleaning Kit

  • Revolutionary cleaning kit in travel version for 360 ° facial treatment
  • A device with a modern design in the shape of a flying UFO plate in a dark pink colour
  • Apply Korean mask in just 90 seconds
  • It delivers excellent skin care results and effectively regenerates the face
  • Pre-programmed programs to solve many skin deficiencies
  • The device is 100% watertight
  • The FOREO UFO is charging via USB
  • Link to mobile application for easy overview of procedures

Multiple therapy

Thermal Therapy - UFO warms the facial skin, making it softer and more fluid, the pores easier to open and the mask can perform more deeply.
Cryotherapy - Cooling function boosts and shapes skin, reduces swelling, speeds acne healing, and reduces the risk of inflammation.
Phototherapy - Lighting using RGB LEDs (red, blue and green) conceals many benefits for your skin in several different programs. Red colour removes signs of aging and helps stimulate collagen. The green colour brightens and balances the tone of the skin. Blue light destroys acne-causing bacteria and promotes correct blood circulation.
Pulzace T-Sonic - Technology helps to better absorb active substances into the skin and also brings a pleasant facial regeneration massage.

FOREO masks

The FOREO UFO Mini Fuchsia introduces special FOREO masks, which have multiple types and each is designed for other skin treatment purposes. Application of masks is very simple. The FOREO UFO slides gently on every inch of your face and activates the essential components of exclusive Korean masks made from soft microfiber filled with herbal and fruit extracts, concentrated botanical oils, or natural flower water for the most intense experience. By connecting UFOs to your smartphone, you can use smart mobile apps to manage individual skin treatments.

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Use Skin cleansing, Skin rejuvenation


Type Cleaning Kit


Type Sonic, Blue light
Code:  FOUFO002
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  F4330
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