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FOREO UFO Call It a Night

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FOREO UFO Call It a Night

The "Call It a Night" facial mask guarantees you a fresh and perfect skin from dusk to dawn. This luxury mask recipe works with a unique FOREO app and is designed to give you a perfect skin all the hours of the day and night. UFO's "Call It a Night" ultra-fine mask contains ginseng and olive oil that nourish and revitalize the skin. By using hyper-Infusion Technology and LED light therapy, UFO offers a professional-level treatment in the comfort of your own home. The mask application starts with 30 seconds of a higher frequency of T-Sonic pulses along with thermotherapy and RGB LED light therapy to open the pores. The Pulse T-Sonic then switches to a lower frequency with RGB LED light therapy (but without the thermotherapy) to increase blood circulation and restore the skin's elasticity. The ultra-fine mask is made from micro-fibres. It has been specially developed in Korea and uses the latest technology.

Key Features of FOREO UFO Call It a Night Facial Mask

  • The mask contains ginseng and olive oil
  • It starts with 30 seconds of high-frequencey pulses and will regenerate the skin
  • It works with a unique FOREO app
  • The "Call It a Night" facial mask is based on a Korean recipe
  • It is an ultra-fine microfibre mask
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Type Textile


Effect Hydrating, Nourishing, Soothing, Brightening, Cleaning

Skin type

Skin type Sensitive, Oily, Normal, Problematic, Mixed, Dry
Code:  FOUFO005
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  F3821
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