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FiiO A1

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FiiO A1

Are you a proud owner of quality headphones, but the quality of audio output from your computer, phone or other device is not satisfying you? FiiO has just prepared a 4th Generation Miniature Headphone Amplifier that boasts compact dimensions for convenient portability, practicality, reliability and sleek looks. 

Key features

  • miniature dimensions allow easy transfer (42 × 40.7 × 9.4 mm)
  • elegant and durable metal body
  • Connect a 3.5mm jack amplifier to any device
  • the 160 mAh battery guarantees up to 13 hours of battery life per charge
  • you can choose from 4 levels of bass
  • the LED indicates the battery status
  • weighing only 20 grams

Quality listening on the go

The FiiO A1 Headphone Amplifier is a ultra-slim and ultralight solution that will enhance the sound quality of your device. Connect a 3.5mm jack amplifier to any device where the amplifier is needed. With dimensions of less than 5 cm, this amplifier will become the ideal companion for traveling , enjoying the quality of listening to your favorite music. Use the buttons at the front of the amplifier to adjust the volume. Choose from 4 levels of bass. The 160 mAh battery ensures that your amplifier never gets stuck because it provides enough capacity to last up to 13 hours in a single charge. 


2 × transparent clip
plastic cap (if you do not have a clip attached)
USB-microUSB cable
Jack Jack Jack 80 cm with direct connectors
Jack Jack Jack 12 cm with bent connectors

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