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Fellowes REFRESH

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Fellowes REFRESH

Long sitting at work or at home can be extremely hard especially on your back and legs. If you are suffering from stiffness and pain or you want to prevent it, try the Fellowes foot support. The REFRESH platform has been specially designed to fit the EU ergonomic standards and relieves your everyday foot and back pain caused by long sitting. The Fellowes foot support is very compact and thanks to its small dimensions, it can fit into really small spaces.

Key Features of Fellowes REFRESH Foot Support

  • Designed to meet the ergonomic requirements of the European Union
  • Two adjustable foot support heights
  • Can be used for leg massage, which helps with fatigue and pain
  • The swing movement of the foot pad helps to improve blood circulation in the legs
  • Continuous tilt adjustment up to 22°
  • The vented platform allows for refreshing air circulation around the feet

Relieve Stress and Fatigue with Fellowes REFRESH

The Fellowes REFRESH platform slides to offer angle adjustability and dual-position height settings, helping to improve the blood circulation and eliminate the unpleasant back and leg pain. The Fellowes foot pad provides a simple height adjustment - you can choose between the 9.5 cm and 13.5cm height settings, so you can set it the way that suits you best. Furthermore, the Fellowes foot support has ventilation holes and helps to keep your feet positioned properly to provide you with the ultimate comfort and relief.

Code:  PX815b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  felfrefresh
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