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The new version of the Evolveo Sonix wireless security alarm is an ideal choice for providing securtity for apartment, an office, garage, workshop, home, cottage or shop. The alarm is easy to use so there is no need to call a specialized company to handle installation. Wireless technology does not require any drilling or wiring, just place the wireless sensors inside or outside the facility within 80 metres. In the event of a violation of the monitored object, the event will be reported by text messages to up to 5 preset numbers as well as voice calls. The alarm comes supplied with an external speaker - you may address the intruder through your phone. Additional external sensors - up to 3 wired or 16 wireless - by Evolveo can also be easily integrated into this system. The main alarm unit and sensor are designed for indoor use.

Top Technology and Convenient Use

Handling the alarm is easy, just activate or deactivate it with the remote control that fits on your keychain, just like a car key. The standard package includes 4 quality metal remote controls, one for each family member. If you need to make the system available to more people, don't worry, as it can be controlled through simple text commands. For maximum convenience, download the Android app for free on Google Play. You can then conveniently change alarm settings on the touch screen or control the system.

Perfect Overview of the Guarded Object

The wireless technology of the head unit combined with the sensors provides a high-quality and reliable security network for your home, office, cottage or any other facility. As you can set up to 5 alarm notification phone numbers, you will be immediately notified of any disturbance that allows you to adequately respond. You can choose between text alerts or direct dialling. Additionally, the Evolveo Sonix comes with an internal microphone and an external loudspeaker, so not only can you hear what's happening, but you can also speak to the intruder.

Simple Installation, Practical Features, and a Wide Range of Accessories

There is no need to use the services of any specialized company to install the Evolveo Sonix security system - you can easily do it all by yourself. No need for drilling or wires as you can just attach the wireless sensors and let the device do its job.

It is also easy to add additional motion sensors, smoke or gas detectors, sirens, and other devices. Other GSM alarm functions include text alerts in the event of a power outage or remotely controlling appliances and lighting to simulate indoor movement in order to discourage thieves. All settings can be configured through text commands or calls.

Parameters and Specifications:

Intended for:
Security for apartments, offices, garages, houses, cottages, shops etc.


Remote control (4 metal controls included)
Can be controlled through text messages
Convenient control through "Evolveo" Sonix phones with Google Android for free

Easy installation, no need for experts

433 MHz

Warning system:
External speaker
text message or preset call to up to five numbers
Power outage alert


User Activation/Deactivation:

Other Features:
Option to install additional sensors (up to 3 wired and 16 wireless)
Option to add additional remote controls
Supports 2 contact switching (remote control of appliances or lights, simulation of movement in the building)
Convenient setting using text commands or calls

Package contains:
1 pc - GSM alarm system (central unit) - controls all sensors in the building, triggers alarm, sirens, makes calls to selected numbers
4 pcs - high-quality metal remote control (keychain) - to turn the alarm on and off
1 pc - GSM antenna (for amplification of GSM signal reception)
1 pc - wireless PIR sensor - monitors movement (with integrated antenna)
1 piece - magnetic wireless window or door sensor - monitors the opening of the entrance door or windows (with integrated antenna)
1 pc - internal mini siren 110dB
1 pc - external speaker
1 pc - power supply for the central unit
1 pc - detailed user manual for easy setup and operation


Text massages or Android 8.0 Alarmex or Sonix apps do not work.
The entered phone number must be entered with an international prefix in the form: +420 123456789, sometimes leaving a gap after the prefix, sometimes not. 

I can't connect the EVOLVEO ACS OTS external siren to SONIX
SONIX - Alternative pairing with EVOLVEO ACS OTS
1. Connect the attached communicator as shown in the picure.
2. Connect the siren to the power supply.
3. Hold the K1 button for three seconds - the red LEDs will light up.
4. Press the red button inside the external communicator - the red LEDs will flash.
5. Hold the K1 button again for 3 seconds - red LEDs go off.
6. Activate the alarm with the keychain - and test the siren. 

Where can I find the available licenses that my device meets?
All available documents can be found here:

I own an older version of Sonix. Can I upgrade to a newer firmware?
The new firmware is not compatible with an older version of the device. 

How do the outputs O1-O3 switch?
The commands for O1-O3 are in the code table. The outputs are LOG1 when switched on, they must be connected to a transistor switch. You can not connect anything with higher supply than LOG1.

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Connection GSM


Supported OS Android , iOS
Power supply Network
Application language Czech , English


Use inner , outdoor
Rotation No
Night vision No
Design Box


Expandability Closed system
Area of use Security

Number of devices

Max. device number 16
Code:  RY202a
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ALM301
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