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Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad

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Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad


more comfortable and healthier

If you spend long hours at your computer, you should also adapt your workplace to this, which should not lack a quality mouse pad. One such is the ergonomically shaped Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo, which is the optimal solution for all types of sensors and allows extremely precise work even when the DPI value is set low.

Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo




memory foam, textiles and rubber


195 × 233 × 25 mm

Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo

Prevent problems

The memory foam pad is shaped to fit perfectly to the contours and position of the wrist, reducingpressure on muscles and joints, improves blood circulation or reduces tension. Vy you can enjoy a much more pleasant work than if you do not use any pad.

Quality design

Thanks to the non-slip surface, the Eternico pad will stick to the table as nailed.Quality material guarantees that you will be able to use the pad for many years.

Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo
Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo

We think of you and nature

We take our work responsibly and think of nature in all we do, and how we could save it. We use 100% recyclable boxes instead of conventional plastic packaging. We use only soy ink for printing.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Canalis carpi syndrome is a disease of the musculoskeletal system of the upper limb and affects especially those who work on a computer for a long time. It is sometimes called narrowing or oppression syndrome, caused by permanent compression of the nerve guided by the wrist. It is manifested by a burning pain in the palm and second, third and fourth fingers, usually in combination with tingling and general discomfort in these places. Therefore, your workplace should have quality accessories in the form of an ergonomic pad, keyboard or vertical mouse.

Eternico Memory Foam Mouse Pad Ergo

Detailed specifications

  • Wrist support, prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Pleasant surface material, comfort in use and long-term work, the mouse moves smoothly over the surface
  • The pad with ergonomically shaped memory foam will provide perfect wrist support
  • The non-slip underside ensures that the pad stays in place, so the movement is natural
  • Memory foam padding reduces wrist pressure when working behind a computer
  • Weight: 196 grams
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Dimensions and weight

Width 19.5 cm
Height 23.3 cm
Depth 2.5 cm
Weight 196 g


Colour Black


Material Textile surface, Rubber, Memory foam
Features and functions Wrist pad, Anti-slip base
Code:  AET004900B
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  AET-MPEG01
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