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ETA Vital Body 678090000

€38.86 without VAT

ETA Vital Body 678090000

Osobní váha ETA Vital Body 678090000

High weighing capacity

Osobní váha ETA Vital Body 678090000

Mobile application

Osobní váha ETA Vital Body 678090000

Nice design

Osobní váha ETA Vital Body 678090000

Home Personal Trainer

Get Your Body under Control

The ETA Vital Body personal scale is a smart scale that will become your dream companion in an active, dynamic and healthy lifestyle. Along with an exclusive smart application, the ETA VITAL helps you to monitor, regularly compare and evaluate the development of your condition, based on basisc physical indicators.

ETA VITAL Application

It can measure your metabolic age, visceral fat, body fat, body water, muscle mass, bone mass, caloric intake, and the BMI index. It also shows the difference between the last two obtained values. You can set your own goals that you would like to achieve and keep track of your improvement. The sports mode feature will regularly suggest you various sports activities that will help you to achieve even better results. The app can memorise up to 10 profiles for which you can specify the gender, age, height, name, desired target weight for each person, and can also upload a photo to the smart app.

Precise Mesurement


This index determines the proportion of the body weight and the height of an individual. It can detect underweight, overweight or obesity, or determine the ideal physical balance.

Body Fat and Body Water

The percentage of body fat and body water directly reflects your health condition. The more water you have in the body, the higher muscle mass and the lower your fat rate is. If the body water level begins to decrease, the muscle mass reduces as well and the fat increases instead. In addition, monitoring the body water can detect emerging health problems and help you to find a solution as soon as possible.

Caloric Intake

This index indicates the minimum amount of energy intake that your body needs to maintain essential life functions. The data show the minimum daily energy consumption that your body needs, considering your weight, height, age and gender.

Metabolic Age

The application compares the measured values with the data of the average population. It describes your overall condition and activity of your metabolism and is a useful additional indicator of your health condition as well. Instead of your real age, you will find out whether you are in the right condition or you should change your eating habits.

Visceral Fat

This type of fat protects our vital organs. However, it is not as easily recognizable as the subcutaneous fat. That is why you need to monitor its level and maintain its optimal density. An excessive amount of visceral fat can lead to serious health problems.

Smart Features

The unique ETA VITAL smart scale is compatible with Android 4.4. and higher, iPhone 4S, iOS 8.0 and higher software versions. The energy-saving Bluetooth wireless technology enables you to transfer the measured data from your ETA VITAL scale, which you can easily download for free. The scale turns on and off automatically and it naturally features a built-in overload indicator and low battery indicator as well. Additionally, it offers you a high weighing capacity of up to 180kg with a 100g sensibility.

Easy Operation

The smart measurement is based on 5 parameters - height, weight, age, gender and biological resistance. Step on the scale and it automatically turns on and measures your body condition. It has a 6mm safety glass weighing area, which is extremely hygienic and easy to maintain. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries that are included in the package.

In addition, the ETA company offers you an extended warranty of 3 years for this product. Register your scale here to extend your warranty.

For more information about the VITAL BODY scale, visit the FAQs section .

Osobní váha ETA Vital Body

Quality Guaranteed!

In addition, the ETA company offers you an extended warranty of 3 years for this product. Register your scale here to extend your warranty.

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Smart Solutions

ETA pays maximum attention to the design of its products which makes them unique and very convenient assistants suitable for every household.



The history of ETA dates back to 1943 when the foundation of the electric appliances production in Hlinsko was laid.



ETA has its own state testing laboratory which guarantees a high standard of its products and services.



ETA follows trends and offers innovative solutions due to unique cooperation with the leading designers.

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Capacity 180 kg
Weight type Digital diagnostic (with functions)
Functions Body fat percentage measurement, Muscle percentage measurement, Water percentage measurement, Data storage option, Mobile application


Plate material Glass


Compatible batteries AAA
Connectivity Bluetooth

Compatible OS

OS compatibility Android, iOS


Colour Black


D test no
Code:  ETAOV021
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ETA678090000
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