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ETA Sonetic 270790000

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ETA Sonetic 270790000

If you want to have total oral care and do not like traditional manual brushes, the ETA Sonetic 270790000 toothbrush with oral irrigastor could be perfect for you. This electric toothbrush set from the Sonetic range is a great choice for both your hygiene and the prevention of various dental problems. The electric toothbrush cleans your entire oral cavity much more efficiently than any manual brush and is also suitable for sensitive teeth. It thoroughly cleans to prevent tooth decay, tartar, bleeding gums and gum inflammation, bad breath and periodontal disease. The ETA brush features intensive and gentle cleaning modes, and also a gum massage setting to stimulate bloodflow to strengthen your gaum tissue - because we all know healthy gums mean healthy teeth.

Key Features of the ETA Sonetic 270790000

  • Revolutionary technology for oral cavity care
  • The toothbrush head perfectly traces your teeth and gum lines
  • The ETA Sonetic 270790000 Electric toothbrush perfectly cleans your teeth 
  • 3 modes for perfect hygiene - gentle, intense and gum massage
  • The 3.7-volt Li-ion battery pack delivers an extremely long battery life
  • Universal voltage 100-240V
  • An electric toothbrush complete with an oral irrigator provides comprehensive care

Complete Oral Care

The ETA Sonetic 270790000 has everything you need for dental care. The charging stand with a 3.7V Li-ion battery also serves as a storage compartment for the rich set accessories that is included in the package. The main items in the kit are the sonic toothbrush and the oral irrigator. By utilising MOVE+ technology, the brush can clean your teeth with up to 31,000 strokes per minute to totally remove dental bacteria. It also fetaures MicroBUBBLES technology that effectively cleans your interdental spaces.  A clever two-miunte timer gives you 30-second alerts to remind you to move on to cleaning the next quarter of your oral cavity. The oral irrigator utilises water pressure to get into and clean the smallest gaps where even the bristles of the brush can not reach. It has a tank holding 150ml of water and a mini limestone filter. There is also an authodontic nozzle included for cleaning dental implants, fixed braces, bridges and crowns.

Quality is worth it!

ETA is so confident of its products that it happily provides an extended battery warranty for 3 years! To validate your guarantee, just register your product on the ETA website.

ETA Sonetic 270790000 accessories

  • 3 × colour-coded brush heads
  • 3 × colour-coded oral nozzles
  • 1 × attachment for cleaning your tongue
  • 1 × orthodontic nozzle for cleaning of fixed braces
  • Charging stand
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Type Sonic
Usage For adults
Number of oscillations 31,000 strokes/min
Number of modes 3
Mobile application No


Functions Timer

By series

Series ETA Sonetic

Package contents

Number of spare heads 3 piece(s)
Number of charging handles 1 piece(s)

UK Localisation Message


Type Oral irrigators


Container volume 150 ml (0.15 l)
Functions Timer
Number of programs 3
Power Battery-powered
Number of nozzles per pack 3
Code:  ETAEK001
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ETA270790000