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ETA Sonetic 070790000

€32.70 without VAT

ETA Sonetic 070790000

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic

3 cleaning modes

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic

Long stamina

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic

Smart timer

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic


Dazzling smile and healthy dentition

The ETA SONETIC toothbrush is an ideal tool for your everyday oral hygiene. It is suitable for sensitive teeth that require careful and considerate cleaning to help prevent and solve dental problems.

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic

The ETA SONETIC will reliably remove dental plaque, polish your teeth and clean your interdental spaces better than a classic brush could even dream of. You will be able to feel the difference after the first use. The brush head is precisely designed to mirror the shape of your teeth and gum line. Healthy gums lead to healthy teeth.

The Sonetic toothbrush has three cleaning modes: intensive cleaning, gentle cleaning and gum massage for better gum perfusion. Cleaning with an electric brush helps prevent tooth decay, the build-up of tartar, gum inflammation, gum bleeding, bad breath and periodontal diseases.

Elektrický zubní kartáček ETA Sonetic

Effective brush for fine cleaning

Using microBUBBLES and MOVE+ sonic technology, the brush can clean your teeth using up to 31,000 movements per minute. Thanks to the 3.7 V Li-ion battery, the Sonetic electric tootthbrush lasts for a long time between charges.


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Quality is worth it!

ETA is very confident in its products, so can happily provide an extended battery warranty for 3 years! To get the guarantee, just register on the ETA website.

Interval brushing for better cleaning

You should spend thirty seconds brushing each quarter of your mouth and the ETA toothbrush has a 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals to help you achieve this.  After each interval, a gentle vibration will give you an indication that you can move on to the next quarter. This ensures you will thoroughly and evenly clean your entire oral cavity to leave you with a beautiful bright smile and wonderful clean teeth. The ETA SONETIC is ideal for daily oral hygiene, for cleaning fixed braces, implants, bridges and crowns. Do you clean your like to clean your teeth in the shower? No fear! The brush is totally waterproof.

The package includes two colour-coded heads with quality bristles and a charging stand with an adapter. However, if you wish, you can purchase additional heads with medium soft or soft brushes.

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The history of ETA dates back to 1943 when production of electric appliances in the Czech Republic began.



ETA has its own professional testing room which ensures a high standard of products and service.



ETA prides itself on the appealing and attractive designs of its products and works with leading designers to achieve this.

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Type Sonic
Usage For adults
Number of oscillations 31,000 strokes/min
Number of modes 3
Mobile application No


Functions Timer

By series

Series ETA Sonetic

Package contents

Number of spare heads 2 piece(s)
Number of charging handles 1 piece(s)

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Code:  ETAEK003
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ETA070790000