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ETA 9900 68000

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ETA 9900 68000

This revolutionary universal bag from ETA is usable for all conventional vacuum cleaners. It is 100% hygienic, captures more fine dust and tiny particles than conventional paper bags, and offers up to 25% more volume due to the special design of the bag, which adapts to the intake chamber and increasing the volume of the vacuum cleaner over the conventional bag. This prolongs the operation time of the vacuum cleaner before the bag is filled up.
This versatile bag must be used with an adapter, which has an easy fastening to the bag with a rubber seal. Simply buy one adapter and you can use these bags any way you like!
The vacuum cleaner bag also known as Unibag also boasts a 4x longer service life compared to paper bags and is resistant to moisture and to tearing by sharp objects. There's nothing worse than tearing a hole in the bag when it's almost full - with these bags, that scenario will be a thing of the past.

  • 100% hygienic
  • Up to 25% higher volume
  • Resistant to moisture and tearing by sharp objects
  • 4x longer service life compared to conventional paper bags
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Vacuum cleaner dust bags

Manufacturer ETA
Type 0487 90010 Preto, 0495 90000 Dualic II, 0502 90000 Mio Blue, 1495.90000 Dualic II, 1501 90000 Manoa, 1502 90000 Mio Gold, 1505.90000, 1510 90000 Silentino, 1861 90010 Novel, 2487 90010 Preto, 2487 90020 Preto, 2501 90000 Manoa, 2502 90000 Mio Digi, 3481 90000 Canto, 3489 90020 Belo, 3501 90000 Manoa Animal, Profi 0467 90010, Rubio 0491 90010

Type of bag

Material of bag Textile
Number of pieces in set 4
Use Disposable
Code:  EAD1031k
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  ETA990068000