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ETA 1352 90010 Fenité + ETA Fenité Skin Cleansing Cream

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ETA 1352 90010 Fenité + ETA Fenité Skin Cleansing Cream

Fenité Sonic Face Brush ETA135290010

Take care of your skin with the professional Fenité ETA135290010 sonic face brush from the comfort of your home. With the brush you can clean your skin deeply, enjoy a pleasant massage and smooth your skin. It contributes to better blood supply to the skin, effectively removes makeup residues and better absorbs skin cosmetics. This brush will make your skin smoother, supple, brighter and more unified .

Innovative technologies

The innovative Sonic-Touch technology of the Fenité skin brush cleans the skin in depth and removes up to 99% of dirt and make-up residue. There are 3 vibration intensities that you can easily switch between.

Hygienic silicone design

Thanks to hygienic silicone design no complicated maintenance, just brush it under running water.

Extra fine bristles

The bristles gently massage the skin and thus contribute to better blood circulation.

Waterproof design

You can clean your skin in the shower thanks to its waterproof design with IPX5 protection.

Smart timer

After about 20 seconds , the vibration is interrupted to alert you to moving to another part of the face.

LI-ION battery

Operation of the sonic face brush ensures quality Li-Ion battery . Operation time is up to 3 months. Charging via USB cable is only for 1 hour.

Suitable for travel

The face brush also comes with a handy travel case , so you can easily pack it for travel and your handbag.

Blue or green?

This type of brushes can be selected from several colour combinations. It's up to you to choose.

ETA Fenité Cleansing Moisturizing Cream

Don't know what skin care product to choose when you care with a sonic brush? For these cases you will also find a soft moisturizing and cleansing cream with herbal extracts for a perfectly beautiful skin. ETA Fenité cream in combination with a brush will not only remove all dirt, dead skin cells and make-up remnants, but special surfactants hydrate the skin very quickly, which is desirable after the cleaning procedure. In addition, salicylic acid promotes the formation of new skin cells and the squalane contained has antimicrobial and antifungal effects. So you can look forward to smooth, fresh and youthful looking skin.

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Type Brush


Use Skin cleansing, Wrinkle reduction, Massage


Type Sonic
Code:  ETACS608
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ETA135290010SET