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Eques Veiu Smart Video Doorbell Nickel

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Eques Veiu Smart Video Doorbell Nickel

Eques Veiu Smart Video Doorbell Nickel

Do you want to know who is at your front door at any given moment? Get a modern Eques Veiu videophone, which offers a range of practical features including connectivity with a mobile application and bidirectional communication. It will definitely find its place in every smart household. It increases not only your comfort but also the security of your whole household.

Videotelefon Eques Veiu, displej

Doorbell with Display

You no longer have to look through an old-fashioned peephole. The Eques Veiu Smart Video Doorbell offers a 5" touchscreen display that gives you a perfect view of who's at your door, with technology that guarantees no one will see you.

Eques Veiu Connects to WiFi

While the competition has already exhausted all of its features, the Eques Veiu videophone is just starting out. When you connect it to a home WiFi network, you get plenty of options. The most interesting may be the bidirectional communication using a mobile application. Never miss a delivery again. With your front door at your fingertips, you can live stream and communicate with a delivery person. Now that's amazing!

Smartphone App

Quality applications are the foundation of success. The Eques Veiu Videophone can be paired with a mobile app available for both iOS and Android.

Videotelefon Eques Veiu, aplikace

Videotelefon Eques Veiu, kamera a zvonek

Quality Images and a Motion Detector

The lens, located directly on the bell's body, scans a 180° space. In addition, it is equipped with a motion sensor, including night vision. It easily reveals any potential thieves at night before they decide to test the strength of your door.

Eques Veiu Nickel

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Key Features of the Videophone Eques Veiu Smart Video Doorbell

  • Smart videophone and bell in one
  • Control your front entrance using a 5" touchscreen or a mobile application
  • Two-way voice communication and motion sensor
  • No monthly charges for smartphone alerts
  • The display unit has a battery standby power of 2 months
  • 6GB of internal memory and the option to insert a Micro SD card with up to 32GB capacity
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UK Localisation Message


Connection WiFi


Supported OS Android , iOS
Power supply Battery-powered
Application language English


Expandability Closed system
Area of use Security


Video resolution 1280 × 720 px
Screen size 5 "
viewpoint 180 °

Special functions

Special Functions Mobile application, Night vision, Colourful display, Mobile notification, Motion detection
Code:  VEI01
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  EQR26NK
Links: Manufacturer's Website: