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Epico Glass 2.5D for Samsung A5 (2017), black

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Epico Glass 2.5D for Samsung A5 (2017), black

Get uncompromising protection for your Samsung A5 (2017) mobile phone to ensure you no longer have to worry about accidental scratches or cracks. This is a 2.5D glass, designed for 100% screen protection edge to edge. The glass itself is ultra-slim and does not disrupt the design, nor does it limit the control features of your phone.

The perfect protection for Your Samsung A5 (2017)

Are you worried that you could damage your mobile phone's display? That is why there is EPICO 2.5D protective tempered glass. It will guarantee protection for your phone against unwanted scratches and other damage. The glass is made of high-quality tempered glass, providing the best possible protection while preserving all the features of the display - a clear image and precise finger touch responses. Everything you need to apply the glass to your phone is included.

High quality packaging is key

EPICO are meticulous with their product so you can be certain that the goods arrive intact and in good packaging. Everything you need is included along with a detailed and clear guide. Applying the protective glass to the Samsung A5 (2017) mobile phone is quite simple, anyone can do it.

Perfectly clean image for your Samsung A5 (2017)

The Samsung A5 (2017) EPICO 2.5D protective glass has a total of 4 layers for the best possible protection for your mobile phone screen. The nano layer on the surface eliminates fingerprinting and the deposition of dirt. Below it, there is an ultra durable layer of tempered glass. The Anticrack layer is used to absorb minor impacts and to prevent the screen of your Samsung A5 (2017) from cracking. The last adhesive layer is for easy application and it also eliminates bubble formation.

An elegant companion

The Samsung A5 (2017) Epico 2.5D protective glass has a thickness of only 0.33mm. The four-layer glass is pleasant to the touch due to the top nano layer and it looks good with its rounded edges.

A reliable protector for your Samsung A5 (2017)

9H on the hardness scale guarantees reliable protection from everyday dangers such as keys, small coins, or sand from the beach. Epico Glass 2.5D will stand its ground against any danger threatening the mobile screen.

Key features of Epico Glass 2.5D for Samsung A5 (2017)

  • Nano layer against grease
  • The colour of glass suitable for your mobile phone - black
  • Thickness of only 0.33mm
  • Easy application on the phone display
  • Extra strong and thin tempered glass
  • Anticrack protection layer
  • Adhesive layer for easy installation





Glass thickness 0.35 mm
Hardness 9H

Package includes

Package includes Cleaning cloth

Brand/model of mobile phone

Telephone brand Samsung
Model of mobile phone Galaxy A5 2017
Code:  EPGb0103
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  18212151300002
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