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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA/2

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Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA/2

The Energizer lithium battery is a great choice for your portable electronic devices. Ideal for high-drain devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, GPS, MP3 players, DVDs, transmitters, MDAs and more. The batteries are made with state-of-the-art high-quality materials, ensuring peak performance of all your devices. Energizer lithium batteries provide the power you need when you need it, and boast top performance in extreme temperatures from -40oC to 60oC. The new Energizer battery lasts 8x longer than the other manufacturers' batteries and is 33% lighter than conventional alkaline AAA batteries. 

Batteries do not contain mercury or cadmium and feature leak-proof construction.

Specific features

  • Long service life
  • Shelf life of 15 years
  • 33% lighter than conventional alkaline AAA batteries
  • Functional range: -40oC to +60oC
  • Voltage: 1.5V
  • Type: FR6/2

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Intensity 1.5 V
Article type Lithium (Li)


Battery size Pencil (AA)
Battery type Disposable

Package contents

Number of batteries included 2 piece(s)
Code:  XP1150a2
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  EL004