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Elephant Door

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Elephant door

Stylish Security System

Meet the Elephant Door, a security system that you can place on any door to protect what's dear to you.

Do not be fooled into thinking the elegance of the system's design makes it 'just a pretty face': it's compact, slick, and it really works!

Immediately Ready

Installing the security system is very simple and can be done by anyone. It operates wirelessly, so no tools are needed to attach cables or accessories. Simply stick the Elephant Door's magnetic pad to your door, and you're ready to go. It's as simple as that! 

Elephant door

Elephant door

How Does the Elephant Door Work?

The system's built-in gyroscope and accelerometer instantly recognise if someone tries to get in through the door - and, if it's unauthorised access, the Elephant Door has a powerful siren that can trigger an alarm of up to 110dB.

The system can also connected to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Mobile App Features

You can use the Elephant Door's mobile app to activate or deactivate it at any time. It couldn't be simpler: in the event of an intrusion, you will be immediately informed by the security system and the app will offer you a range of possible solutions to the problem. 

Elephant door

Main Advantages

  • Simple charging via micro USB
  • Integrated LiPo battery
  • Easy relocation
  • No additional charges


Compatibility WiFi, Bluetooth
Power supply Battery-powered
Application language English


Expandability Closed system
Area of use Security


Operation standalone
Code:  ELEP0001
Warranty: 24 months