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Electrolux EXD20DN4W

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Electrolux EXD20DN4W

The Electrolux EXD20DN4W Air Dehumidifier can easily handle excessive humidity, which is most likely the cause of condensation on the walls and subsequent mould growth. This can negatively affect your health and may cause a number of respiratory illnesses. In addition to removing excess moisture from the air, it can also thoroughly clean the air in your home. This mobile dehumidifier model is ideal for apartments, workshops, garages, and other rooms under 37 m2. The 20 l dehumidifier water collection tank is large enough to be used often without the need of emptying the container. Once the water tank is full, the dehumidifier will stop operating automatically. You will also appreciate its low noise level at 46 dB, allowing you to let it run without worrying about the excessive noise.

  • Lowers humidity and cleans the air in one device
  • Recommended room size of 37 m2
  • 3l water tank volume
  • Extra functions: Power regulation, Air cleaning, Timer, Anti-Freeze, Display and Automatic shutdown

Additional Electrolux EXD20DN4W Dehumidifier Features

The Electrolux EXD20DN4W features an automatic timer, which gives you the option to to enter when you want the dehumidifier to work to your liking. This model can lower or raise the performance, which allows you to manage the noise level and also energy costs at the same time. If you decide to use your dehumidifier in cold spaces, you may appreciate the reliable Anti-Freeze function, which protects the device from freezing. Another great feature is the easy to view display that lets you to select from the device's functions.

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Recommended room size 37 m2
Container volume 3 l
Noise 46 dB
Mobile application No
Weight 15.1 kg


Function Air cleaning, Power regulation, Timer, Anti-Freeze, Display, Automatic shutdown

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Code:  ELEOV679
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  950011403