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Dyson Pure Cool Me

€301.06 without VAT

Dyson Pure Cool Me

The Air Purifier Dyson Pure Cool Me brings better quality air for indoor environments. Its superior effectiveness is shown by its air volume power – the air purifier can function at up to 612 m3/hour. Another benefit of the Dyson Pure Cool Me is a HEPA air filter that quickly eliminates approximately 99% of all bacteria and allergens. The carbon filter is perfectly suited for neutralising fumes from cooking and other unwanted odours.

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Key Features

  • A HEPA filter removes approximately 99% of pollen, dust particles and bacteria
  • The carbon filter gets rid of smoke, unpleasant odours and emissions
  • Added function(s): Timer, Power regulation, Remote control, Display and Night mode
  • Maximum noise level: 59 dB, Minimum noise level: 43,5 dB
  • Cleaning performance: 612 m3/hour

Dyson Pure Cool Me Air Purifier Additional Functions

The Air Purifier comes with a timer, which allows you to exactly set when it should turn on. It comes with a power dial to increase or decrease performance. This is ideal when you need to quickly cool a room or reduce the noise. If you want to use the Dyson Pure Cool Me while you are asleep, you can do so in peace thanks to the dedicated night time mode. You can also control the features with the easy-to-use remote control.



Mobile application No
Power consumption 40 W
Air power 612 m3/hour
Maximum noise level 59 dB
Minimum noise level 43.5 dB


Filters HEPA, Carbon


Function Timer, Power regulation, Remote control, Display, Night mode

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Code:  DYSCV850
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  DS-275910-01