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Patentovaná technologie

Air Multiplier

Air Multiplier is a patented technology for an even distribution of air around the room.



The humidifier can be controlled with a handy timer.

Dálkové ovládání

Remote Control

Use a convenient remote to set up everything you need.

Zabije 99,9 % bakterií

Kills 99.9% of Germs

It is important to ensure that the generated water vapour is free from bacteria and other germs. In order to achieve that, the humidifier uses the Ultraviolet Cleanse technology which exposes the water in the filling container to ultraviolet light for 3 minutes. This way, 99.9% of all bacteria including E. coli are neutralized.

Intelligent Room Climate Control

This Dyson humidifier intelligently monitors both relative humidity and room temperature. You can choose between an automatic and manual mode. In the former, the machine chooses the optimum humidity depending on the temperature, while in manual mode, you can then configure the humidity from the range of 30-70%. The humidifier automatically switches on and off, thus preserving the selected value. After reaching the target humidity, the fan remains in operation to maintain a pleasant climate. The distribution of mist with humidified air throughout the room is even and quiet, making it suitable for use during the night. The water tank will last up to 18 hours and includes a timer, which switches the device off when the countdown ends.


Key Features

  • A high-performance humidifier with an unusual design.
  • A range of advanced technologies.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Convenient remote control.

Additional Information:

Ultraviolet Cleanse technology: UV-C radiation neutralizing 99.9% of bacteria.
Piezoelectric transducer: an ultrasonic generator of cold mist.
Air Multiplier (TM): a strong, steady stream of moist air without gusts.

Airflow intensity: smoothly adjustable.
Relative humidity settings range: AUTO/MANUAL from 30% up to 70%.
Maximum airflow: 330 l/s (mode moisturizer), 460 l/s (fan mode).
Water tank capacity: 3 l.
Power Cord Length:
2 m

24 × 22 × 58 cm
3.5 kg



Power Input 55 W
Functions Humidifier, Timer


Type floor


Colour Silver
Code:  EAZ9050a
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  DS-303124-01
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