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DJI Osmo Mobile Silver

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DJI Osmo Mobile Silver

Perfect Shots in Motion

Capture the unforgettable moments of your life as if they were filmed by a professional. The Osmo Mobile holder is a unique, revolutionary new accessory that turns your mobile phone into a smart motion camera, so that every moment you shoot looks smooth, professional and ready to share. 


Key Features

  • Unique stabiliser for mobile phones
  • Eliminates camera shake when shooting and filming
  • 3-axis stabilisation keeps your phone steady
  • Auto subject tracking
  • Simple to control via built-in joystick
  • High-capacity battery that lasts up to 4.5 hrs
  • With the DJI GO app, you'll discover other ways to use it

Full Control

Control your phone as a professional camera and capture unforgettable shots. You can control all the settings using your thumb (e.g. exposure, white balance, ISO, and so on).


High-capacity Battery

A high-energy, energy-efficient battery lets you shoot for more than 4 hrs. If you are a more demanding user, you can purchase an external battery.


Premium Design

The Osmo Mobile mount is made of high-quality materials that are also used in other Osmo products. It is compatible with phones with a width of 59 to 85mm.

Detailed Panorama

Have you ever tried to capture a panoramic shot using a mobile phone? Not possible? Don't despair because the Osmo Mobile makes everything possible! Just choose which panorama you want to capture and Osmo will take care of everything itself. It gradually rotates, takes shots, and then merges everything into one image.


Professional Picture Without Shaking

After inserting the phone into the stabilizer groove, its head is rotated in such a way that the recording remains horizontal and under no circumstances will it shake. Combined with the DJI GO app, there are plenty of features that would previously require high-tech photography equipment.

Shoot in any Situation

The ActiveTrack feature makes it possible to enable subject tracking, the Osmo Mobile mount then follows this person or object. If you choose to track yourself, it will always keep the shot pointed towards you, so you can take part in the shot while capturing it perfectly.



Discover the Charm of this Stabiliser

There's more! This stabiliser will help you discover the magic of recording and taking pictures. Fond of streaming live videos? Why not? The Osmo Mobile mount always gets the clearest shots even in the dark, in terrible lighting conditions and when your hand is shaking, it steps in and captures perfectly sharp night shots for you.



Use your thumb to control the direction in which the Osmo Mobile moves. There are settings for sensitivity, smooth rotation, etc.



By using different types of accessories, you achieve the desired result. The Osmo Mobile mount can be attached to almost everything for better shots.


Charging port

The USB port can be used to charge or upgrade the firmware. It takes 3 hrs to fully charge the Osmo Mobile mount using the original cable.

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Min. width of the device 5.9 cm
Max. width of the device 8.5 cm
Code:  CVI549k91b
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  DJI0657