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Inputs & Connections


Audio connectors are used for transmitting audio signals in analog or digital format. Popular is the
jack which is used in sizes from 6.2 mm, 3.5 mm and 2.5 mm. We can find it in a variety of consumer electronics, typically it is used to connect the headphones, or home speakers. Connector RCA is used
for televisions, video players or speakers.

Data and Printing

Well known data connector type is the USB 2.0. It is used in laptops, desktop computers, hard drives, etc., as well as the newer specification USB 3.0, which provides higher transfer rate and is suitable for handling large capacity data.

Power connectors

This category includes, for example, conventional fork type E, type C, which can be found in a wide range of domestic appliances. It is used to supply the electricity needed to operate the equipment.


Widespread type of video connector that is used to transmit video and audio signals, is the digital HDMI. We can find it in televisions, monitors and DVD players and it transfers uncompressed video and audio signals. This category also includes the digital DVI, DisplayPort or analog connector VGA.

Antenna and network connectors

The antenna connector is used to connect the cable to your TV. Cable with a network connector, such as RJ-45 (LAN), connects a computer or computer network with the router.