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These new gaming glasses, made for computer game players, combine elegant looks and unique gameplay features. The new improved gamer glasses have 100% UV protection and a perfect blue light filter. Their anti-reflective coatings suppress all unwanted reflections. Their exceptionally good contrast improves the reaction time of the player while protecting the eyes from fatigue. The speed of spotting enemies has never been so high as with the Titan Gamer glasses.

The main advantages of Titan Gamer glasses

  • New improved gaming glasses
  • High-quality glasses with an elegant look
  • A special, stylish and light frame which can handle even rough handling
  • Optimised for maximum comfort while wearing
  • Titan Gamer glasses have extreme mechanical resistance
  • Glasses for demanding computer game players
  • Significant contrast enhancement allows excellent player reaction time
  • The Titan Gamer also includes anti-reflective coatings and a UV filter

Glasses with high-quality lenses

The softer shade of the gamer glasses brings significant improvement in contrast, greater comfort for your eyes and less fatigue. High-quality anti-reflective coatings ensure that you will not be disturbed by reflections from the surrounding light. The essential advantage Titan Gamer glasses bring, is improved spotting of your enemies. Your reaction in the game will be faster as never before. The unique features of the Titan Gamer glasses are complemented by the stylish and lightweight frame that is comfortable to wear, with fashionable looks, and provides extreme resistance against almost any mechanical damage.

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Warranty: 24 months
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