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Defender RT-Feet

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The transmitter is super, met my expectations (vid pros)
Just running about 4 seconds after inserting into the cigarette lighter memorize the song last played memorize set rate (after adjusting the frequency necessary to press the button "Play / Pause" button, then the frequency of saves to memory) smoothes the track and in podadresaroch scrolled after directories, not only After intuitive control of individual songs (working with him, I managed his for a few minutes, although the manual is only after Russian) gooseneck (the possibility of adjusting the position of the transmitter so it will not interfere) Entry for the USBcko Administration (USB therefore does not interfere with the space and does not zapalovania wire) Multiple regimens playing: Random, vela, vela but only once, play songs only from a specific directory Equalizer enough information for display-i: song title and artist, song play time, play mode, adjust the equalizer etc. option to connect USBcko, SD card, phone (via cable with 3.5mm jack, which is part of the package)
A bit Horsie hold in the cigarette lighter. At increasing manipulations loss of contact and restart a remote control device to be enough to steer precisely and closely (but as I was docital, this is a problem in most trasmiterov at this price level) Neda is moved forward / backward in prehravanej track (problem for most of this trasmiterov price level) Navod is only after Russian, but ovladanie handle without one
He plays like it should
Nothing yet
According to reviews from users, I bought this product really works as it should. VD
Just how maka
ease of actuation
weak reach a remote controller
simple FM transmitter for custom MP3
simplicity, performance, connectivity
visibility display