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Datacom, wire, CAT7, LSOH, S/FTP, orange jacket, 500m/box

€232.65 without VAT

Datacom, wire, CAT7, LSOH, S/FTP, orange jacket, 500m/box

Four-pair shielded FTP cable with a length of 500 metres. It is made of very pure copper and protected against interference by aluminium foil. Suiteble for applications where reliability and resistance to interference are required, e.g. in outdoor installations or in places where multiple cables run bundled together. The cable diameter is 7.2 mm and is wound onto a practical wooden spindle. The cable is a high-quality product that complies with international standards. 

Additional information:

  • FTP cable
  • Length: 500m
  • Wire insulation: FMPE
  • Wire insulation sheath diameter (+ -0.05 mm): 1.35 mm
  • Shielded S/FTP (braided cable, each pair sheathed in aluminium foil)
  • Ground wire 1/0.4 mm
  • Braiding 8/7/0.12 mm Al-Mg
  • LSOH casing
  • Orange coat colour

Colour of wires:

  • White - blue
  • White - orange
  • White - green
  • White - brown

Spindle Dimensions:

22 cm
50 cm




Networking Reversible, LAN cable without connectors
Category CAT7
Type FTP


Cable length 500 m


Colour Orange
Code:  MN210a
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  1216